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  2. Siegfried

    lifepoints and payments

    I also ran out of patience this morning and sent in a ticket.
  3. peach6

    lifepoints and payments

    I emailed them this morning I never had problems redeeming before
  4. I had one dated last year. I had deleted the account some time ago as I also had another account before they merged.
  5. Siegfried

    lifepoints and payments

    I am waiting for payments from the 8th and 11th of june. Glad to see it is not just me.
  6. Today
  7. peach6

    Poll Pass

    one question today almost not worth my time
  8. Months later I'm having good and bad days with then but still making money but slower then when they were Mintvine.
  9. I do well there so can't complain. You have been doing surveys long enough to know that you have good and bad days. Take a rest from surveys and things will look better. Been there done that like they say. It's all part of the game.
  10. paulgro

    It's been a long time

    Welcome back. I've been here a couple of years so maybe when you stopped coming here is about when I started.
  11. paulgro

    Same survey more than once

    I've done the same survey a few times and I feel if they didn't want me to do it over again they wouldn't send it.
  12. paulgro

    Regarding surveys

    I quit them a while ago because they have bad service. Maybe you're using the wrong password. See if they will email your password. It might even be below where you would normally put your password in asking if you've forgotten your password. If you see that click the box and your password should be emailed to you.
  13. paulgro

    Automatically advancing pages

    I can't stand them because I have clicked on the wrong button and realized it just as the page advanced and you can't go back.
  14. paulgro

    Ipsos / i-Say not paying for surveys

    I can understand quotas but I don't understand letting a person start taking or finishing a survey then saying over quota and you get nothing for your time. To me once a survey taker starts taking that survey they should be paid when finished. The over quota should start after that person has started the survey so no one else should be able to begin. I hope I said that right.
  15. paulgro

    Avoid all Ipsos surveys that ask you

    I get the 404 ones or write joy. Really never saw a difference of getting a survey or not.
  16. paulgro


    I just get a few a week if that.
  17. I finally did qualify for 2 surveys and finished both. That's a record for me!!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Also, it is not possible to go through a day without seeing Rob Lowe pushing his Atkins food, especially that vanilla crissssssp bar.
  20. schludermann

    Vindale:Deceptive, Risky and Lame, Attrocious customer service

    You can always leave a review on sitejabber.com. Sitejabber gets a lot more traffic than here.
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