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  3. I do not, because that's how you get banned. I just cancel out, I'm not going to take the screenout pay unless I actually answered the survey. The only thing I'll fudge a little bit is, if it asks me whether I've taken surveys in the past month on certain topics, if I'm not sure whether I have, I'll say yes if I want to get screened out, and no if I don't. But I'm not going to lie about demographics, intentionally fail captchas, or say that I don't agree with the rules, because that's how you get banned. (I still don't take them, though, if I know they're going to suck. And yes, UGAM is one of the ones I will always ditch no matter what.) The only time I "intentionally" lie on a survey is when it leaves me literally no choice, like it asks me what kind of car I drive, the car I drive isn't in their list, and there isn't a "none of the above" option. If it's one of the first questions asked, I'll just nope out; if it's near the end, I will lie because I have no choice. One time California was missing from a State dropdown! That one was fun.
  4. Here's how I see it. If you want to pay me 3 cents for a 50-minute survey, and not qualifying for the survey gives me just as much, if not more reward for my time, then I'm going to say I'm 11 years old, I make no money, I work in every job field, and so on and so forth till you let me back on the main site so I can find a survey that won't waste or insult my time. This level of cynicism in me is a response to the clear level of cynicism that a lot of more recent surveys (and some sites) have demonstrated. And yes, UGAMsolutions were very much one of the first survey types I adopted this outlook on (not that it matters with UGAM. Oftentimes those surveys will still accept answers for a good 10 minutes even if any other survey would've dq'd you by that point). I understand that some surveys that are slogs are necessary for legitimate research and I usually do not adopt this mentality for them, especially if the subject matter is interesting and the survey interface is intuitive, but a lot of the surveys I'd deliberately test out on are phoned in to begin with and offer lower incentives for the time spent than if I just went outside for the same estimated time and looked on the ground for spare change. There is no way the majority of the obnoxiously long, deliberately generic surveys are doing anything to change the landscape for whatever "research" they're conducting. And I promise you from experience that 80% of those surveys will dq you anyway near completion even if you do answer honestly.
  5. Yeah it does happen and isn't something to worry about. I've done quite a few other the years like that via surveys and focus groups. Maybe not at an exact date and time but over the following week I am asked to go and buy a certain product and they credit me with more money than the product costs. The only concern is called from a survey company? and there's no emails or anything to confirm this task?
  6. I know some lie and shouldn't , just so they qualify (I don't...Ever) but do you lie to get out of doing surveys of a certain type? I've noticed in the last few months I started doing this when it comes to film surveys. Yes I could just close the window but in some cases it's better to not qualify.... Like with Global test market surveys on SB. Every day members can click that survey link 3 times, then it vanishes until the next day. If you don't qualify it tries to find you another survey. If you close the window, it counts as 1 of those 3 tries. So film surveys.... If it says "Have you been to the Cinema in the last 6 months?", I say no even if I have. As film studies have been the worst for me. Often it's that UGAM platform which makes you watch movie trailers, gets you to answer questions and type in your favourite bits of the trailer. Then near the end DQ's you. Or, there's a few doing the rounds on another platform that ask you to watch a 1 hour long episode of something. Then after, to "make sure you were paying attention" they ask a few multiple choice questions about the programme. Well these questions can be impossible, such as "What colour scarf was the man walking in the background wearing 15 minutes into the show?". Get one wrong and it's survey over. Does anyone else try and get out of surveys or are there some types you try and avoid?
  7. ResearchBusiness

    Clothing Preferences Survey

    Hello all, I am taking a course called AP Research, where I plan to conduct research on consumer purchase intentions on purchasing brands such as Supreme, specifically focusing on apparel. Everyone of every age is allowed to take this survey! As part of this research, I must collect primary data about consumers through a survey. Please help me by filling out my survey! Here is the consent form: https://goo.gl/forms/LY1RxMn8VoocgrJa2 If you are 18 years of age or older, you can fill this consent form yourself. An email will direct you to the survey itself, where you will fill an assent form as well as the survey questionnaire. If you are under 18 years of age, please have your parents/guardians fill this consent form out. They will then receive a link to the survey, which they will send to you. I understand that this is a lot of work to ask of you, but please it will greatly help my research process. Filling out the survey should only take 5-10 mins at maximum. Thank you so much for all of your help!
  8. mnleona

    I am about ready to give up.

    I like inboxdollars, dailybreak and tellwut. Good luck
  9. Hi! I am currently conducting research for my thesis about crowdfunding and I would be most grateful to anyone taking 4-5 minutes to complete the survey. The questions regard the basic knowledge of crowdfunding and activities of those, who have and have not backed a crowdfunding projects in the past. If you have already responded to the survey through another site I would be glad if you didn't submit another answer, thanks! The information gathered from the questions and demographic will be solely used for the purpose of this research. Survey closes on 03/03/2019! Link to the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe3qqAussNB_FY9g_BzneFwLmGChEA1pQ_a21I9JQocOCbe-g/viewform?usp=sf_link As a non-native English speaker I tried my best to avoid any mistakes, but if you happen to encounter any - I hope they didn't cause any inconvenience or problems with the questions! Thank you in advance!
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