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  2. Hi- I still have three more months to go on the 20/20 panel, but I also get emails about other panels from other places, and when it sounds like I might be eligible I answer the questions and hit submit, but they usually ask if I have done any other panels recently, and I say yes, and tell them what it is for, and then I don't get a call back. Should I not mention that I am doing this panel with 20/20?
  3. I just got an email from clear voice about a political survey from clear voice. I answered a few questions, and I got accepted for the survey. It is going to take place tomorrow 9/23 at 5:00 pm. It is going to take about 20 minutes, and for the first ten minutes you have to interact with somebody who has an opposite view on politics. It sounds like if you tell them you are a Democrat they match you with somebody who is a Republican, and both people have to state their views on things. You then spend 10 minutes filling out a survey about how your interaction went. You get paid $5 for this. Did anybody else get this? I am kind of nervous about this.
  4. The above site is of something I keep getting as a partner survey from One Opinion. When I answer the first couple of questions or so, I get an alert stating “oops! We are sorry! Something is not right here and we apologize for that! Please contact customer service. So then what I did was directly type in the web address, thinking I could contact someone at customer service. Then I got something that said “404 Page not found. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. This is getting really annoying, as it has happened to me more than once in the last couple of days. Trying to get the robot on One Opinion to help gets me nowhere. Would appreciate any replies on anyone else who has run into this. Thanks.
  5. Happened to me too. No idea why. I rarely even visit the PL page any more and somehow got banned.
  6. Pretzelforce58

    Funny product trial

    Ha ha ha! That would make any cookie monster very sad. Seriously though, I hope it's one darn tasty cookie!
  7. greeneyeddevils

    Funny product trial

    I had to laugh today...I received a product trial from a company to try out some new cookies that are coming on the market...here I thought I was getting a bag to try & then give my opinion on the bag...nope...they sent me 1 cookie in a vacuum sealed bag...lmao...Anyone else get any funny product trials? Green
  8. peach6


    I did just hear back from them they are having trouble with PayPal looks like they gave me back my money I guess I will try Amazon
  9. Last week
  10. Gloeywalters

    Free website providers

    Try tripod.com
  11. episemion


    I have rarely gotten a response from support there. Hopefully , you will get a response soon.
  12. schludermann

    Usability Hub

    It's a year later and I'm now at $5.30. At this rate, I should be able to cash out after the next presidental administration.
  13. dawn_b_adams

    Survey related to Fake News

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