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  2. B13

    Avoid PopulusLive surveys

    Populuslive are by far the best survey site not once in 4 years have I been dq'd . They pay £1 for 5 minutes of survey and I''ve never spent 40 minutes the most I have ever spent is 20 minutes for which I got £4 . I get 4 or 5 £50 cheques a year for little effort when you consider the absolute pittance the others pay. The only other decent site that pays proper rewards is Prolific Academic.
  3. Today
  4. peach6


    Is anybody having a problem with the site I have the survey but there is no submit button
  5. Sunweazle

    Branded Surveys

    I've been accused of speeding several times and I got a bit annoyed about that so I complained. The first reply came from their Indian support team (I assume) as follows:- "We aim to ensure our community is full of attentive panelists who are able to dedicate their time to our surveys. Our systems have detected that that you have sped through several of our surveys. We wanted to let you know that we flag such behavior and block account activity if the behavior persists. If you would like to continue participating in our surveys, we ask that you take your time and answer with honesty." This annoyed me even more (i.e. insinuating I had been dishonest) so I complained again and asked them to escalate the complaint if they couldn't provide any evidence that I'd been speeding. This elicited a more apologetic response:- "Thank you for your patience as I reviewed the concerns you shared with our support team. I reviewed your account and wanted to ensure you that you are in excellent standing. I'm adding in 100 points here for any frustrations this may have caused you. I did reach out to our product team and we are currently reviewing ways to improve notifications as there seems to be a bug that may have triggered this." So my advice is to complain if they accuse you of speeding and you believe this is unjustified.
  6. episemion

    One Opinion

    The only issue i am having with OneOpinion , which has been ongoing for years , is that when trying to redeem points , the site gives an error message. The prior owners identified it as an issue with the site that they were trying to trace. Seems that the callback see some non-VOIP phones as VOIP (I have a landline). Whenever i redeem , I have to message the support staff with the request (can only do physical cards). Annoying , but tolerable.
  7. Okay, so moving right along,... pearl... as in peal diving.
  8. I already use e-rewards, so not like I can re-join it, So not sure. Trying to contact them, it doesn't go through, so don't know what's up.
  9. paulgro

    Branded Surveys

    I had to put in 3 tickets this week and so far they did give me points for one. I want to see what they will do with the other 2 tickets and when I know I will cashout and close the account. They continue to go down hill.
  10. I've never had a problem there with the surveys and extra point surveys.
  11. I just tried and get what you get. I did join e-rewards when I received that email and joined. I don't know if that could be the problem.
  12. paulgro

    Opinionusa sold us out

    Opinion World is very low paying and it takes some doing to get enough to cashout I saw.
  13. It was a good answer! I was so pissed I had to change it.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Yeah, guess we posted the same time, so didn't get to respond to 'Diving'...which was a good answer!
  16. (Then let's go with) Rebecca!
  17. Sam ( I sense a theme here...) You want to go where you can have some beers.
  18. NevadaJones

    Welcome New Members!

    Welcome, Kate!
  19. dawn_b_adams

    Brand Awareness test survey

    I’m getting the same thing. It’s in Spanish. Please change it to English. Thanks.
  20. dawn_b_adams

    One Opinion

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all at them taking retaliation against you. They are owned by Dynata. Everything Dynata touches turns to turds.
  21. katesmith1304

    Welcome New Members!

    hi i am kate from canada i am new to this forum
  22. Cliche01

    corona huge threat to students future.

    Heck, wiser people than I are working on that, and if you know, by all means share your knowledge. As for students, I'm sure it has to be rough now with many schools and colleges closed or under some type of quarantine.
  23. Cliche01

    Brand Awareness test survey

    Sorry, seems to be in Spanish, which I don't speak, and wants me to log in, so not sure what's up with that.
  24. Cliche01

    Climate change and water efficiency survey

    Not sure what the situation is in the UK with water, but took it, and an interesting survey.
  25. Cliche01

    Job motivation survey

    Not currently working, but went with my feeling based on past employers.
  26. Has anyone been having an issue logging into Harris Poll? I wanted to redeem the last of my points since they are shutting down, and said it would be possible to do so until March of next year if I recall right. In any case, I keep getting invalid ID or ID and password don't match errors even after trying to change my password. Thanks!
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