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  2. samp28

    Vindale Scam??

    Survey panels that don't offer consolation points have no reason to get people to do "free surveys". People would stop doing them if that's the case. There is a huge difference to what you are saying and what happens..... "Survey site" = Bear in mind MOST of the time you take a survey on a survey site, the platform you take that survey on is nothing to do with said "survey site". A main survey site could potentially just be a portal. If you don't complete or get DQ'd from a survey, the main "survey site" doesn't get paid either. For example: Swagbucks - They are entirely a portal. Any survey you take there is on a 3rd party platform. They have no control of any of those surveys. They pretty much just work as an affiliate for survey companies. OpinionOutpost - Partly a portal. Most surveys however will be on their own SSI platform. CINT panels (Crowdology, etc) - Partly a portal. A lot, maybe most will be on their own platform (Morar research, VIGA). In the case of survey sites that own the survey platforms, I don't think they would intentionally screw anyone over to get "free" surveys from people because there's too much at stake. Unhappy panellists = Poor quality of completed surveys and lower overall participation which would destroy their profits. When you consider they get commissioned by huge companies like Sky, the BBC and Unilever, there's no point having unhappy panellists.
  3. samp28

    Survey companies that chain surveys on Survey Junkie

    It's not just SurveyJunkie though (Never used SJ myself but have seen this). I call it a portal within a portal. Survey company (portal) has an available survey, you click it, it goes through a survey portal to said survey (platform). Survey complete - Survey platform redirects you back to the portal which then redirects you back to the survey site you used to take the survey and you get credited. Whereas sometimes, in 1% of times if survey is DQ'd, the portal, instead of redirecting you back to main survey site, it tries to find another survey, yet due to tracking codes and stuff, even if you complete the survey it doesn't credit. Normally it's well known what platforms do this (the minority) as the page you get directed back to is a long page with lots of qualifying questions. GTM surveys on SB ("20 mins for 80SB" that you can click 3 times each day before it vanishes until the next day) does this in a way with bad tracking. If you complete the survey, it asks to give survey ratings. After ratings are given you get credited the 80SB. Often rather than take you back to SB, it will try and find another survey. Of which, if you take it and complete it then you won't be credited. This is because of tracking (SB survey listing is "20 mins for 80SB". 80SB was awarded, therefore session done). You have to close whatever survey it tries giving you after and click the link on SB again.
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  5. NevadaJones


    I had been doing PopRewards TV surveys daily for several months through either QuickRewards or Tellwut. Then about a week ago I started getting the message that the survey wasn't available or I wasn't qualified. Hmmm.
  6. NFriday


    I've gotten a few poprewards surveys this week from valued opinion, and I haven't been compensated for them. I get a frown at the end of the survey to let me know that I am not eligible for the survey, even though I just completed it. BTW- Concerning finishing their surveys in three minutes, I just ran across a reddit swag bucks group that was talking about this. Apparently you can decide not to finish the survey, but still get swag bucks for it. All of those people over there only spend 2 minutes doing a survey.
  7. kepstein8888

    One opinion survey on vaccines?

    I opt out of any survey and/or question that asks personal medical questions. If I can't trust most surveys to pay me for 10 minutes of my time and opinions without "disqualifying" me, I certainly don't trust them with my medical info., regardless of whether they tell me it's kept private or anonymous.
  8. I got 3 points also. I did cash out today as I have been saving. I am not an Amazon user so will give to my kids.
  9. I guess that means I need to open all the emails I get. Not sure why the line under I but could not get it to change.
  10. kepstein8888

    Opinion Bar websurvey

    Sometimes they don't list them chronologically on the survey question. I'll see my bracket out of order, below a higher age group.
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  12. nikijad

    GTM making changes again

    I didn't know that about the web tech. Makes sense to combine, really, after mergers. Inconvenient for us now and then, but really makes sense on their end.
  13. I've seen a handful this year for 30 points, but none were over 8 minutes (just did one for 5 minutes, in fact) Most surveys I screen into pay out 10 points or better. Very seldom do I get ones for lower.
  14. NFriday

    National Media Panel?

    I have been getting more invites to sign up for national media panel from One Opinion. I got one yesterday, and one today.
  15. schludermann

    Branded/Mintvine New and Improved.

    Got this a few days, it doesn't sound as good what was sent out in November. It seems that Branded is turning to Black Hat Gamification, which is playing to not loose your position. It is a strategy that depends heavily on loss aversion. " Dear Branded Surveys Community Member, Effective January 1, 2019, all Branded Surveys members will be eligible to requalify for their badge status/color. Your badge status could remain the same, go up or go down in badge color. To ensure we are recognizing our most dedicated members, you will be eligible to requalify for your badge status at the beginning of each month moving forward. Remember - the more you consistently participate, the more likely you are to keep your existing badge color or move up in badge color (from bronze to silver or silver to gold). If you happen to take some time off from survey taking, you will always have the ability to requalify by participating in more survey-taking opportunities. Likewise, the more consistently you participate, the more likely you are to earn your elite badge bonus (see our Elite Action Chart) which is determined by 1. the number of consecutive surveys you complete and 2. our partner’s revision of your participation. For more information, check out My Elite Badge Bonuses page or navigate to this page by scrolling to the bottom of the Branded Elite page and clicking on to “SEE YOUR ELITE BADGE ACTIVITY” on the bottom, right-hand corner. The My Elite Badge Bonuses page will allow you to see whether or not the survey was approved or rejected by our partner and the points you earned for the approved, completed survey. "
  16. I just did a survey I got through One Opinion about vaccines. It asked me about shingles, pneumonia and flu vaccines and whether I had had them. I spent at least 15 minutes on the survey, and then it told me I was not eligible for the survey. Has anybody else done this survey, and were you able to complete it? I was able to complete a survey for 1.050 points that took me almost 30 minutes, and then I got 250 points for disqualifying for five other ones. There were a lot of surveys that I did not qualify for, but did not get my 50 points. I still do better on One Opinion that I do at any other survey company.
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