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  3. jaclefko

    Job motivation survey

    Hi all, new user here. I was hoping that some of you could take this survey that I have for my leadership and management course. It is fairly short, just about 1 minute. Thanks in advance. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSde7faDwoWAC46dvr8rQ12sq9oohUT8VyiVOVs6l6UnMXyTJg/viewform?usp=sf_link
  4. dfredenb

    Sample Cube Surveys

    I use a survey site that has lots of Sample Cube surveys. There starting to piss me off. I'll take a survey for 3 minutes or 5 then when it starts they change it up 40 minutes or 20 or 30. Anything other than what I started with. When I don'''t qualify instead of taking me back to the home page they keep shoving surveys down my throat one after the other. Instead I feel i should have been paid something for wasting my time. Other times I've started a survey and ended up in a different survey without being asked if I wanted to take it or not
  5. rpc51769

    Beware: Opinion Outpost Stealing Members Rewards

    Within the past few weeks I attempted to redeem $6.20 toward an Amazon gift card. Usually the code is delivered via email. I never received any email from them, but on the rewards history section on my home page it is listed as 'success'. I sent them an email asking for the code to be re-sent on February 9th, and they gave the standard response of thank you, we will get back to you in a few days..yadda, yadda, yadda,. I have not had any contact from them since. I know that 6.20 is not a whole lot of money, but I earned it and think I should be paid for my trouble. I am looking into who I can contact to rattle their cage a little and get some resolution.
  6. I had already hit the dreaded 5 point dq for the day, I didn't get it. AND now this evening, I can't buy Swagbucks. I emailed them, but no reply yet. I am going to give up on thee survey sites I swear.
  7. rosiesmom


    Just cashed out this morning and I am giving it a rest with these guys.
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  9. Cliche01

    No more Mr. Nice Guy

    No more mister nice guy, no more Mr. Cle--ee--ean! Yeppers, I hear you loud and clear, and have had the same issue with them where the babble on about 'inappropriate' answers, or not qualifying after taking a full survey or a good portion of it. I mean come on people, how could one NOT qualify by that point?
  10. Cliche01

    World War Point Club.

    All I can say is 'been there, done that' as far as Point Club goes. They gave me all this BS about inappropriate replies, or not qualifying, and I was like COME ON, how can I NOT qualify after takeing a whole freaking survey or 20-30 some minutes of it?
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