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  2. Duck

    Survey Junkie

    I am writing them off. Go to TrustPilot and read about all of their users that they have treated the same way. If they can't take better care of their members than this then I don't any anything to do with them.
  3. Swagbucks works well too.
  4. If I were you I would stay away from Vindale because of their high cash out threshold. Try Opinion Outpost, Prize Rebel or Branded Surveys, they let you cash out (to PayPal) at 10.00. I think you'll find these much more agreeable to your needs. They are also easier to get qualified. Don't give up, try several and then go with the ones that work best for you. I am currently using 7 panels, that way I most always have surveys. Good luck.
  5. Well I have been trying to finish just one survey and I cant seem to.Probably becasue I am close to cash out.
  6. Administrator

    Welcome New Members!

    Welcome to the forum, hwg3141!
  7. Administrator

    Can't upload pics

    Hi schludermann, It looks like had the maximum data allotment per user set pretty low. We've increased the limit. Please let us know if that did the trick.
  8. Administrator

    Opinion Outpost has NO BBB Rating - Correct Site

    Hi Trueblue, Thanks for pointing this out. The Q&A was conducted a few years ago, and was accurate at the time of the interview. We've updated the page to include the date the interview was conducted.
  9. MrTennessee17

    Emails from Lifepoints

    I'm glad I read this. I sent an email to Quickthoughts help and ipoll help saying that i had installed Toluna and put a VPN on it (i recently did this week) and i have removed it in case that was the issue for why I have been banned. Hopefully I will get re-instated because I got amazon gift card money that I need to redeem!
  10. I am new to surveys and only signed up for vindale. What are the best companies to get paid actual cash or check. Vindale pays me 50 cents for a 20 minute survey but I can't cash out because I'm not up to 50.00, min cash out amount. The last few days I've done a dozen surveys, not one was credited to my account.
  11. Please help if you have any experience with Vindale. I have been doing their surveys for pennies. I built up 32.29. I need 50. to cash out. I have not been credited for any surveys in past few days even though quite a few were completed. When I go to my account history, the completed surveys are checked in green but then there are quite a few daily consumer study. This has a plus next to it and says 33 items. Are these completed one's not credited yet? I can't find anywhere on vindale site that explains this. I tried to send customer support ticket but they said I had to open a different type of ticket I can't find. Please help.
  12. MrTennessee17

    Your surveys banned me

    I had wondered. Guess they didn't like all the negative comments so they decided to pull a power trip move and silence the people who disagreed with their change. Not a cool thing to do imo. Their new rewards system is just awful. I get hardly anything for all the survey rejections or quota fulls now. Not what it used to be.
  13. MrTennessee17

    Quick Thoughts froze account

    So I went to cash out my $10 amazon card on the app and i got locked out my account with them and my account on iPoll. I went and re-read the terms but didn't see anything in the verbiage about not doing more than 5 in a 24 hour period. Do you know where this is located at in the terms? I really am not sure why I was locked out of my account. I have emailed them. The only thing I can think of is iPoll asked me the type of fuel I use for the car and I selected natural gas (thinking it was for gasoline) and then later quickthoughts asked the same question and then i realized that it had petrol on there and don't hear that term here meaning for gas so I then realized what it meant and selected petrol. What was weird is I was able to take about four surveys after that question and now I'm locked out of both accounts. iPoll said I was locked out due to "violating terms of their agreement" But I looked them over again and didn't see anything so I'm not sure what's going on. Just hope I can get reinstated and get back in because their apps make survey taking easy.
  14. I've had quite a lot recently since they switched over to life points from mysurvey I haven't been getting rewards when completing surveys. I used to get credited with no issues and be able to cash out but I haven't been able to cash out much lately because of all of the missing points. Also when I've contacted them I was told I'd been credited for the survey by them which still hasn't happened. And they just ignored half of my email with questions regarding other surveys I haven't received credit for. Think I'll be using this less from now on.
  15. A Q&A on this site says OO has an A+ BBB rating,. This is a lie. They are not a member and have an F rating. Please correct. They do deserve the F!!!!!
  16. The ones that come from Reward Link look like that. Here's the one I just got which was valid.
  17. It seems like they are getting slower and slower adding the points/money to my total.
  18. I completed the InCompass media survey each day for a week (just to say what I watched on TV and did online etc.) but they haven't paid the £5 promised. I have contacted support, but have had no response, and the website records me as not having completed it, even though I have. I think it is a scam.
  19. I've accumulated a total of over $A90.00 owing to me. When I went to redeem them, Valued Opinions told me that I was "dishonest and unattentive towards my account". I have no real idea what they mean. I've always been 100% honest in my responses and have done all the surveys sent to me. When I asked them why they would accuse me of such things, they responded again just saying they have suspended my account because of "dishonesty and unattentiveness"... They won't clarify what that means. I wonder if language is an issue or if they are simply not to be trusted! I did have issues in the past too. When I applied to redeem a Woolworths Flexi-Card they eventually sent me one with an expiry date that had already occurred 5 months before I even applied for the gift card. They wouldn't honour the error with that reward redemption either. Do NOT bother registering with them.
  20. Last week
  21. I think they're screening for other companies, the way Samplicio.us does.
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