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  2. Thanks to you guys for keeping this thread going.
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  4. funny mentioning this i had on buzzr tv last nite with old family feuds with Richard Dawson...he mentioned Harris Poll survey. Edited to add once in a while I've heard harris poll mentioned on the news & I've thought gee I think I took that survey
  5. paulgro

    Branded Surveys.... Again.

    So far I haven't had any problems with them. The same when it was Mintvine, everything went well for me.
  6. paulgro

    Branded Surveys

    I've never had a problem with redemption.
  7. It's mentioned quite a bit this time of year just before elections.
  8. I did end up with the monies in my account- all of them that screwed with me that day.It really gets my anxiety going when I don't think I am going to get paid .
  9. footfree

    Poll pass- who joined them

    I guess I need to read the terms and conditions but how many points do you have to have to cash out?
  10. Yesterday
  11. peach6

    Poll pass- who joined them

    I was thinking of joining doesn't seem worth it I think I will skip it.
  12. somelady

    Branded Surveys going downhill

    Sometimes when they say no available surveys, if I find a high paying survey in my email I'll click on it. Sometimes it goes directly to a survey or sometimes it goes to the site and there's another survey available. I skip all surveys below .40 for 15 minutes or surveys with unreasonable rewards.
  13. neminem

    Poll pass- who joined them

    Yeah, that's all they do. Each question is only worth a couple cents, but still, that's not bad for a couple seconds per question. I'm super curious what they actually have planned to do with that data, though, like who's going to pay for it?
  14. The app sends you a phone notification when it has a payment available (which you cash out through the app).
  15. neminem

    Prolific Fantastic

    You cash out through Circle; Circle does it automatically, and sends you USD.
  16. I got the $10 yesterday too. I wonder why they gave some people the 1500 points and not others.
  17. I got the same response from her when asking for the 1500 points. I asked her to send it to a rep, she gave me the email which is addressed to her. I'm going to write it and I hope someone besides emily answers.
  18. So it was posted here about a new company and they asked us to join ,so I did.It has asked me umpteenth questions I'm like how long is this going to go on for .So I exited out and then went back later.Anyway after answering the millionth (felt like it) question I decided to check my points.It added up to 1.62 or something real close to this.Is this all they do ask questions?Are they going to send us surveys?I think I signed up 2 weeks ago and haven't heard from them .I can log on and answer questions but seriously after answering so many and only receiving that little amount of money I am not sure I want to continue.
  19. I use to be with Toluna years ago and they have always deducted points even back then .My advice when joining survey companies is to read the rules or at least scan over the important info it will help you understand what your in for in the long run.Not sure if this is in their rules but most will have them in there - if not then it is unethical .I don't or refuse to do business with anyone who isn't forthright with the info.
  20. How do they notify you of payments?
  21. I have gotten a lot of what I believe to be( cant think of name)qualifying type surveys but no actual surveys.At least that is what I am thinking they are- and no money has been paid to me by them.It has never taken me this long to qualify for a survey.I will keep them they certainly are not bothersome but heck I would like to get a paying survey.
  22. Would you mind sharing the link or specific name..when I search investors forum ...well you can only imagine what comes up lol. Thank you!
  23. My points expiring after 12 months was news to me as well! One would think with all the email Toluna sends, they would have notified us regarding this change. Also, when I contacted when my points were deducted they said there was a banner stating this fact - which did not always appear, and was not there this morning when I logged in.
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