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  1. Today I received 2 shirts that I ordered (from China) in November 2016! Amazon had already credited my account in December. I have no clue what's going on. Over 3 months shipping time and after I have been refunded?
  2. They are no longer Vision Critical so I guess they can change things now. I did a 'Weekly Survey' survey last week asking about new pay options. Paypal was one of the options so hopefully that is included.
  3. I just did a 'Daily Questions' survey at Springboard America and they are asking about new cashout options including Paypal. Hopefully that is coming soon. Now that they are no longer Vision Critical I guess they are willing to change things to our liking.
  4. Congrats! I like Consumer Village. Some of the surveys pay $1.00 or more and take about 30 seconds.
  5. I finally got tired of ACOP taking so long to pay but with ACOP you have to send a few emails asking for your money before they finally pay. With SA at least I know my money will come without begging.
  6. I wonder if Paidviewpoint will be next. I'm not sure how they have been in business this long.
  7. I wish they would do that with Springboard. I waited around 10 weeks for my last Payloution cashout.
  8. I haven't noticed any change either. I have cashed out twice in 3 months so if anything they are a little better. I just wish they would pay faster after cashout. 6 to 10 weeks is ridiculous.
  9. It's definitely offline. Cint has a number listed on Faceboook but it's probably for clients not panelists. It might be easier to just mark them as spam. They will stop sending invites eventually.
  10. Guys. It may have been an attempt at spam but it links to the Survey Police reviews page for Pointclub so it is a failed attempt. It's actually promoting Survey Police. https://www.surveypolice.com/pointclub
  11. I joined through Swagbucks for some SBs a while back. They still send me survey invites but I have never done any of their surveys.
  12. It's the first of the year and surveys always drop off. Hopefully by February things start getting back to normal.
  13. SA is definitely not a scam or even scammy.
  14. I'm not sure what website you are talking about but it looks like a bunch of websites are using that title. Some of the panels are legitimate and some I would not trust. Check out this page for panels ranked by Survey Police members. If they are listed on this website they are legitimate but everyone doesn't have the same experience with every panel so there may be some you join but end up not liking. They are all frustrating at times. I have good days and sometimes horrible days.
  15. Welcome to Survey Police Valerie1966. Any website requesting a fee would need to be thoroughly investigated for legitimacy before even thinking about handing them money and honestly I don't think they exist. Online surveys are not a substitute for even a part time a paycheck and most panels do not want or even allow "professional" survey takers. Here are a few short articles to get you going and hopefully keep you from getting scammed. They will also help you find some panels to get started with. How to Recognize a Fake Online Survey Website Websites SurveyPolice Does Not List