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  1. ...has this Forum gotten much quieter lately???????
  2. Is it just me or has the speed of this site slowed to a crawl due to the proliferation of ads
  3. When I see this on a 50 cent or less survey I get angry but then smile as I respond with a word or two and write, this is your 15 cents worth. What level of quality do these companies expect when the pay a pittance?
  4. I currently belong to two for over a year. No issues
  5. I got mine on Tuesday. Nothing late at this time. Good luck Vickie
  6. I am having a problem with last week's payment. They are working on it ---maybe.
  7. I get the following on my latest lame support response: We are striving to be the number one survey company and we need your help! Post your positive reviews on Survey Police at Thank you! Sorry, nothing "POSITIVE" to say.
  9. Just curious what you guys think about what My Survey credits for completed surveys. Personally, I feel their rate is near the bottom
  10. Binge surveying on OO made it readily apparent to me that they are one of, if not the worst at DQ's later on in surveys. It happened more than 5 times in this period. Quite frankly I am sick and writing their lame support area when they can't seen to remember that when they respond they need to include my original inquiry. They drive me CRAZY with that.
  11. Does this answer your question? Sue Davis (American Consumer OpinionĀ®) Feb 10, 05:56 CST Dear We are truly sorry that you haven't received your payment. Our accounting department is aware of this issue and at this time I don't have an update on the timing of the next payment. We will e-mail once your PayPal payment has been sent. Thanks, Sue Davis Email Coordinator
  12. The logic behind many of the Over Quotas (no points) I have gotten vs DQ's (1-5 points) makes no sense other than the fact that Mintvine is looking to save pennies. They are so cheap!!!
  13. So I finish this monthly survey which I have done for more than 3 years and received 50 points every month. This month they say I was screened out despite the fact that nothing really changed. Back and forth multiple times with some anger on my part and finally I get the below response: "As a gesture of good will we awarded you 50 points, although you have been screened out of this survey." I wrote back commenting on their obsession with being right as mentioned in the last phrase. Unbelievable
  14. So I get this lovely message on an admemes fully completed survey where no points were credited: Thank you for contacting customer support. Unfortunately, we have verified that you did not qualify for this survey. We try our best to determine if you qualify or not as quickly as possible. Please remember that if you do not qualify and complete the survey, your information is not used in our research. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope you will continue to participate in other survey opportunities with us. Kind regards, Moniaria Opinion Outpost Helpdesk Why do I want to scream at her? Such BS!
  15. I quit this most recent one because favorites were not being saved. I wrote My Survey to let them know