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  1. Does anyone ever wonder who the survey companies think are taking these things when they post surveys for IT Professionals? Do they really think IT Professionals are scouring sites like mintvine or myview anxious to spend 20 minutes sharing their expertise for the princely sum of 3 or 4 dollars?
  2. Veronica must be a very popular person.
  3. Another annoying part of this captcha screening is going through it once when you first click on a survey link, being redirected to another survey platform, and then being asked to do it all over again for that one.
  4. Happy to say I received my payment yesterday so at least this part worked as advertised.
  5. Exactly. There is no consistency from one time to the next as to what should or should not be included.
  6. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of the visual captchas now being used all over the place, which either take multiple attempts to match or have disappearing check marks on every image you click?
  7. Here's another strange one. I requested a redemption on my account about 1 week before they started the new payout system. When I checked my account yesterday my point total had not been adjusted which I take to mean the redemption was never processed so I did another redemption using paypal under the new system. They say it should take 2 to 4 days. We'll see.
  8. It looks like now that Springboard America is under new management, they've become rather shifty. In the past, at the end of a survey, I always got a message that the survey was a complete or DQ. Today I completed a survey and got some kind of vague completion page without being redirected to the homepage. Sure enough when I checked my account I was credited 75 points for a 150 point survey. I sent an email and got a flip response that everyone does not qualify for all surveys and may receive partial or no credit. Of course it took over 10 minutes of answering numerous multiple choice and written response questions for them to determine this.
  9. Several months ago I attempted to redeem with GTM and received invalid Amazon codes. When I questioned them I was told the codes had already been redeemed, I should change my password, and as far as they were concerned the issue was closed. Several other people on this site and elsewhere have reported similar experiences with GTM. It is believed someone inside GTM was hacking accounts and stealing the money.
  10. message deleted
  11. They're the same incompetents that run GTM so it's no surprise.
  12. They treat people like dirt because they have no problem getting people to take their surveys. They screwed me over and I haven't done one of their surveys in several months. Better off for it. I know it's difficult because they fill your inbox with survey invites but people should boycott them and find alternative sites to replace them.
  13. I just keep doing surveys until I have enough points approved to cash out. I've had over 3000 points pending a couple different times. Eventually they all cleared and I redeemed them. Knock on wood I've never had a problem.
  14. I got my points as well. Can't believe it, we finally won one.
  15. I know a lot of people will continue to use GTM, but I would love if there was some way to organize a boycott of their site. Personally I have not done any of their surveys since they stiffed me. I'm also curious if there is some way to let the companies that feed them these surveys know what kind of a company they are patronizing, unless of course they're just as bad and don't care who gets cheated as long as they get their results.