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  1. Same here, It's not you, it's us. The YourWord community will close its doors on March 31 this year, after three fun years. Below are a few things you should know, so you're prepared for YourWord's final days. What is happening? The YourWord community will close at midnight GMT on March 31, 2017. After this date, your rewards will no longer be available. You will also no longer have access to the YourWord website (including YourRewards), and the ability to log-in will be disabled. ★ What will become of my rewards? You may continue to respond to survey invitations from YourWord in the coming months. You will have until 11:45 p.m., GMT, March 31, 2017 to redeem YourRewards. What will happen to my information? All of your personally identifiable data will be deleted or made anonymous as soon as technically possible with the next data run. Why is this happening? As the market research world evolves, so, too, must we. And annoyingly I've got £4.70 (need £5.00 to cash out) - the last 3 surveys I've tried have been DQ so looks like that'll be wasted
  2. I'd not thought of that! As part of the general info they already had my date of birth, marital status & e-mail. As part of the survey (financial products) they knew who I bank with. If they then got my full name, full address & phone number then they could commit fraud I think I'll be contacting the Market Research Society (as both opinion outpost & GFK claim to abide by the code of practice)
  3. Had a survey invite from opinion outpost, took me to GFK. After 30 minutes of questions there were fields for my name & full postal address (I'd already completed code earlier). Clicked on refused - "You don't meet criteria"! Linked to another survey, also GFK. Again spent at least 30 minutes, this time it wanted my phone number - refused so again DQ. So why would a survey want all that personal information, I thought the post/zip code gave demographic data? And why my phone number? I would not give as, despite assurances, I worry what they will use it for. Sent e-mail, but expect I'll get standard response Anyone else had this?
  4. After a year I finally reached cash out (150 points), had intended to dump once I had cashed out but noticed a comment on the home page under my points total "You must select a method of payment within three months after you reached 150 bonuspoints. Otherwise the account balance returns to zero" So there's no saving up points - cash out or lose them! Just as well I checked.....
  5. I joined 4 of their panels before I worked out the were all cint. Not a good one - very high DQ rate. Already ignoring two and just waiting until I reach cash out to dump the others - one I've been on 7.36 (minimum 8.00) since before Christmas
  6. I've had 2 this week (one I received 3 e-mails for within an hour!)
  7. Hadn't had a survey invite for some time so logged on " The YourWord US community is closed for business. It's been a fun three years! The YourWord community is no longer in service.
  8. Top 2: - Pinecone, don't get many but never DQ & pay on small amounts (and quickly) Opinion Outpost, reasonable completion rate and also pay quickly on small amounts Worst - well it's difficult picking 2 but I'll go for Toluna - if you complain you get banned & forfeit any points earned New Vista - Was OK, but now I'm nearing the cash out I get DQ on almost every survey (started keeping a log, of the last 15 only completed 1)
  9. Wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience, have been completing New Vista surveys for some time & building up points steadily But I've reached 4200 points (need 5000 to cash out) and over the past couple of months haven't managed to complete any. Often get DQ after entering age & gender Is it a ploy to avoid paying? And until some you can't get points for recommending a friend (which I've done with others just to reach target)
  10. The exciting surveys that get you an entry into their prize draw...
  11. I had something similar with a company I'm no longer using. Fortunately my ISP provides a feature for variations on e-mail so I can have (eg) oldchap_Global, oldchap_Pinecone, oldchap_cint etc. I use a separate e-mail address for each survey company Recently I had a rather lengthy exchange with one about missing points, deductions & other customer non-service. Within a couple of days that mailbox was getting full of spam, some of which was not "family suitable". Whilst I could never prove it, the only place I used that e-mail address was with that survey company Strange...
  12. Raised a query because after completing survey got error "you have been disqualified" - just had reply Thank you for contacting Maximiles. "We apologise for the issues you have had with survey 017291 and we have awarded the 600 points you should have received for completing it. We want to ensure you, that in no way are we trying to short change our customers. We are aware of a small technical issue that can happen with mobile apps, and we are currently working hard to rectify this to avoid any future disappointment. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused along with our thanks for your patiences and understanding. We hope you continue to enjoy using the Maximiles programme in the future.
  13. I'm getting p***ed off with opini (another Cint) - I complete surveys, then when checking balance see credit followed by "adjustment" where the points have been deducted Queried & given varied excuses - inconsistancies in data, and best was I completed in a different time to what they had estimated! Challenging they came back & said their estimate was 18 minutes, I took 26!!!!! Perhaps I went to the bathroom?
  14. Seems to me maintaining the same ration - in August Completed 3 Screened out 19 So only 13.6% success (and as usual many of the screened out were after I'd answered most of the questions) I've got 798 points so just waiting until I get to 1087 to cash in then I'm going to give up