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  1. More of an annoyance than a rant, I guess... but I don't think it should be fair game after someone answered your questions for 20 minutes, to screen them out just because they were honest and said they wouldn't spend $300 for your product. I understand demographics and I get tossed many time for not being the right age, gender, location, etc. and expect that, of course, but to pass by all that and answer extensive questions about the subject and then get tossed for saying you wouldn't buy something... . well isn't that what surveys are for? To find out if consumers would buy your product???
  2. Oh! I'm so glad you posted this! I didn't know it was everyone dealing with this. I started getting them and figured I had gotten too many of those ridiculously hard to read captchas wrong and they flagged me or something. But this new thing is a horror! Like with the street signs... seems like sometimes they want the sign posts included, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they want a gas station included as a "store front" and sometimes they don't. It's maddening!
  3. Those are exactly my feelings. I never do "survey sites" without being paid or for raffles either... but like you, I have good luck with these types of communities. Some of them say "completely random" and it's harder, but some of them choose winners from meaningful content and not the "I agree" people who don't say much. If I'm anything, I'm a talker. Congrats on the recent $75! Way to go!
  4. I am the person least likely to let anyone take advantage of me... and I've been like that from way back. I have, however, so far since January "won" $425 by these very kinds of "chance places" so I will continue to stay. (Some of those payments were My-Take and Vision Critical communities, but still on "chance.")
  5. Good morning, everyone! I hope my fellow east coasters are digging out from the blizzard without any major problems. 20" here! Gongos question today... I enjoy community work greatly and a few of you have mentioned Gongos. I'm a member at Community Village. Is that their main site or just one of their communities? How do I find communities I'm suited for, or do I just have to wait and they come to me through the Village? Anything I can do to increase my chances of being offered a community invitation? Wouldn't it be great if we could actually have interviews/applications where we could say "I'll work hard for you and I'm definitely not one of the "I agree" or "yes" posters doing nonsense posts just to get the count up?! "
  6. No... hit the link called "Rewards" on the left side menu and it mentions a number of different amounts of prepaid Visas that are to be won monthly. Not sure how they distinguish "prizes" from "monthly winners" but I plan to stick in for a while to hopefully grab one of those Visa cards. Take note, though, that contributions to the discussions don't count... I hadn't known that. Seems to be only surveys and polls, so in that case, everyone should have a rather equal chance.
  7. Didn't think I'd be adding to this thread but here I am. I've been building points at Toluna for... well, probably years because I'm basically interested in communities. But that aside, I finally have almost enough for their ridiculously high cash out. So I'm doing a "20 minute survey" this morning... and after 35 minutes of a LOT of thinking, writing content for the answers, and work, they didn't need my demographic! Not setting very well with me, I'll tell you!
  8. Well the bright side of that is that if you do it twice, you'll have a whole penny! hehe Nah, optimism doesn't always work well for me!
  9. You got it... 2k points is worth a $2.... 10k for $10.00, so that would be $2.37 and a half penny. Spend it wisely, that half penny.
  10. Wowzers, that sure does suck buttermilk and I'm sorry to hear that you're having to go through it. I'm currently waiting for an Amazon card in the mail that could have easily been paid with a code online.... so not holding my breath, and it's nowhere near the amount you're talking about here. Although I am constantly on the lookout for communities 'cause I'm such a chatterbox and could handle a bunch of them, this is one I've not heard it one with a website that folks can apply for, or by invitation only like through a survey place portal?
  11. I absolutely love the way C Space operates the communities! (Well except for the one I left because there wasn't a monthly incentive which was very unlike other communities I've tried in the past.) Anyhow, to answer this post, I don't recall ever having been asked if I'm a member of another community. @Paulgro , I've been looking for communities for a long time now and they're very slow in coming. Is Gongos something we can join to look for communities, or something that we need to wait to see if a survey place happens to send us an invite?
  12. I hate to say that's how it is for me now, too. I must be the unluckiest person on the planet... soooo many of them now have "ooops, JUST filled up" when I try to do them. (Yes, tongue in cheek... I wish they'd just be honest and say "ooops, sorry, you screened out." It's not just SJ either... there's another place that I have been in the mailbox when an announcement came and one MINUTE later I got the "sorry, closed, surveys fill up fast."
  13. 25,000 for the Amazon now instead of 35,000... that's good to hear! I know that some redemptions *do* cost more because of fees (I think PayPal would, and how I wish they'd offer Paypal even with fees removed!) but *Amazon* costing them more?! That really doesn't make sense... no other online place that offers that as payment ever mentioned such a thing or charged more for Amazon. But that said, it *is* encouraging that what was 35k is now 25k. I do every single survey they have available and it still takes forever.
  14. Easy one for my personal answer here... because they send me so few surveys, if I'd have to wait for 60,000 points, I'd be buying my rocking chair as my prize. Takes me forever. So last time I chose the $25 CVS because yes, I didn't want to wait for 35000 points to get $15 Amazon when I could get $25 for 30000 points. I got ya now, yes? And I agree... just because I can personally use Amazon more often (I never pay shipping... I've had prime for years) I don't understand why an Amazon card couldn't be offered at the same rate... everyone else does it and it doesn't cost them more like Paypal might in fees!
  15. I may have read your original post wrong... you were talking about cash loaded gift cards like Visa? My answer (can't speak for the others, of course ) was about "other" gift cards that I don't work for... restaurants and stores that I probably wouldn't visit if I didn't have a gift card. Case in point, the yougov I mentioned. I first turned in for a CVS card. I don't *shop* there often, so it was a dumb move on my part. That said, I usually don't go for Visa cards either, especially if Amazon or Paypal is available. I always go for PayPal first.