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  1. This site is so damn aggravating!!! I am about to unsubscribe and so should everyone else. Now I can access the site but cant log in!!!!!!
  2. Inbox Dollars gives you a chance to spin a wheel that has various denominations of money to win for every survey you get disqualified from. Its a really fun wheel to spin! It pays more than a survey! (if you land on the $5.00 slot)
  3. One Opinion and My View ARE owned by the same company. Yes it is a hassle with this captcha thing and having to click on the stupid pictures every time before a survey but as stated above ....I too dont mind because these two sites are WORTH it. Both pay well and have good surveys and excellent customer service. Sure it gets annoying but at least you get in to take the survey and get your points every time.
  4. I only log in to take their online daily survey of the day surveys for the 5 or 10 points each. They are easy and you know you will always pass the survey. Also you get to add comments on each survey which is fun. A few times I get an email for a survey available and sometimes I will take them if they are mobile friendly. Have passed a few but it is much slower than answering the daily online surveys and m re time consuming. . Still I really like this site alot.
  5. I got the same generic email from them as above did. I logged in and tried to take a survey and visit site of the day. After doing this the site froze AGAIN and I cant log back in. What bothers me is I had two weeks of time to play Scratch n Win but due to site being down I lost ALL of my chances to play for free points. I emailed them about this too but have not gotten an answer. Oh well their loss I will go over to One Opinion and give them my time happily and answer their surveys! I highly recommend this site!!!!.
  6. Thank you so much for helping me. I really appreciate it.
  7. I too cant access Memolink for about a week. I emailed them many times. They got back to me once saying they having technical problems but fixed it. Not quite though. I logged in and it kept freezing and then just stopped working again. Shame on them. They could a least keep members informed. Also give us free points for all the time wasted trying to log in. Used to be a fun site. Now its just aggravating.
  8. I find it now very hard to get to the online available surveys like the survey for the day for 5 or 10 points. I now have to scroll to the vey bottom of my screen and click on the link that says online surveysdaily polls and then wait for it to load. Then I see the survey but cant get to the next one even when I press "next survey". Again I have to scroll to very end of page and click there and wait for next one to load. This is extremely time consuming just to get 5 or 10 points.