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  1. The last 2 or 3 days I have noticed a drop of 50% on some of oneopinion's surveys. Most surveys started out at 1000 for 10 min or there abouts and then for 20min they were 2000 but I know yesterday I did 2 or 3 that were over 20min each and only paid a dollar ie 1000 points.. It is very frustrating and they are catching up to the offerings on myview which they are the same company and its all about their profits the workers be damned.
  2. Mypoints was the very first site I joined and I have been with them since 2000. I have not spent money with them but I joined because of the free email points. Since 2000 I have only done 84k. I was on earlier today and did some searches and their ncrave just for free points while doing other things on the web. Tonight I go to log into my account and absolutely nothing it did not accept my user name and password. ZERO excuse for this to happen and I am disappointed. I did not break their terms or do anything wrong so I have no clue why or for what reason it happened. Any thoughts on what steps to take would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Please link me, to a survey that can pay me... Thanks 

  4. just read in another forum that mypoints stopped the search bonus which sucks. In all the years I have been with them I bet I have only made 100 or so not very much but I only use them for the FREE things cause to many other sites pay better. One thing I did make 15 points for searching so I did get that. Posted question before I read the other forum or would never have asked. Good luck to all with your earnings
  5. I have been a member of mypoints for over 16 years I don't earn much with them but free money for reading emails is always a winner for me. Today I was doing searches- The only reason I use the mypoints site is to earn the monthly search bonus they used to give 100 points for 43 searches, today I see nothing on the site that shows they are giving that bonus any more. Does anyone know?
  6. I was invited to complete a 8 week survey abou the tobacco products I used, you were to log in every day and post about what you used. I got the first email from them but then absolutely nothing, I thought about writing but figured it wasnt worth the time involved and decided to walk away. In the original mail that they sent to keep track of usage they included a 35 dollar check which was very nice. Every day I watched my email and only had 1 that allowed me to put in tobacco usage hence blowing off. Yesterday I get a letter that thanked me for trying to participate and they rewarded me 150 dollars for attempting to do the survey as a honorarium. ​Lucky ME
  7. I was invited to participate in a video chat where I go to a dollar general and upload images of what I saw in the store and items I bought. I took the video's, uploaded them, and forgot to send their camera back. I get a email today saying that if I dont send the camera back I will be charged for their camera plus a 18% fee for restocking their camera. I do not have the box I was asked to send the camera back in, I thought I had sent it bak already but maybe not. The invoice they sent me is OUTRAGEOUS I have done may video chats with cameras mailed to my home and I have never received nor do I want to pay this overbloated price they are showing: Project Dollar Store Shoppers: Total: Camera: 199.00 Ship: 54.00 Late: 45.54 @ 18% of 253= 45.54 Total: 298.54 I realize that part of the charge is for the late fee but I know I looked the camera up and NOWHERE did it sell for 200 dollars. I do not know how much pull I have or what steps to take if they decide to go collection but there is ZERO change of me paying them 254 dollars or even 200. Is there anyway to attack their price point and what do I use to prove my case? Please HELP with this
  8. I wonder how many are frustrated by this. Lately I am finding that I am getting a lot of surveys where I am being requested to type out a ton of information. Now the bad part about this is that it has ZERO bearing, unless you totally rush, nor does it stop any sort of payment. Kind of like giving you 10 or 12 grids with 5-10 brands and 30 or 40 choices to make. I realize their are quality issues mixed in with some of these but really what is the point of asking for detailed explanation on things if it has no bearing on the payment? Same thing with the grids Their computers cant read and do not know if your words make sense or belong so what is their point if it does nothing for or to the payment opportunities. I realize that companies want information but still it gets old.
  9. I am sure survey takers will lose out on this cause we always do but on One Opinion they are changing to points from the dollars that have been listed. The only good thing about this is that they are going to start offering paypal which is huge cause cash spends a lot easier than Visa. They say everything on their site will remain the same but it will now be listed as points rather than Dollars. $1.00= 1000 points $25 = 25000 points and it still takes 25000 to cash out but at least it will be paypal.
  10. the only way anymore that I do GTM surveys is through swagbucks. they do not pay much and can take a bit of time to earn enough points to cash out but I find that when I email them about either a survey problem or survey not crediting they will credit it to me usually that day or the next. I got tired of the garbage with GTM and decided it is easier for me to avoid and go with what pays.
  11. I put in for a payment from inbox on 5/24 that was approved on June 1st and as of now 6/20 I am still waiting for payment. I do not know what is going on but this is not right. I chatted with them and the bottom line is if its less than 30 days you are not even allowed to ask them and their answer to me was we can stop payment on that check but for doing that because its less than 30 days we will charge you 5.00. How stupid is that? They make a mistake cause it does not take 19 days for a check to arrive and want to charge me 5 dollars and will not do anything to rectify the situation. i do not understand and not very happy with it. Its been this way a long time but I have never not gotten a check before though I do not know how long it takes but think I would remember 20 days since request date.
  12. I just cashed out surveyscout and normally I get a email with in a minute but this time its been 20 minutes and still nothing. To go from a minute or less to this long makes me wonder what is happening. Does anyone know how I contact them about this I was all over their site and saw ZERO information on how to contact them so if you know please post a link. Thanks
  13. I only log into yougov when I have a survey and today upon logging in what a FREAKING DISASTER the site has turned into. Under their rewards all it shows is Rewards You have points! You have enough points for any of the following items in red. Click to redeem... it never shows my total points NOWHERE all it shows is what I have earned enough to redeem for and those are in red. What has happened to just showing my points and the reward totals??????? This set up is so confusing and why not just show the point totals???????? I only do their surveys cause they are quick and painless require very little effort. But they keep making the site more confusing and this recent garbage makes it tough to want to wait cause if they will not post my total points and only show available rewards, which still does not work right. I do not know if I can last to 100k. Thoughts
  14. ok I got a response from OneOpinion: Ashley Jones replied: Hi, Thanks for participating in our studies. Would you like a PayPal payment? It would be available in 24-48 hours from the time it is submitted. Or would you like a Visa card that would arrive in 7-10 business days? If you would like the PayPal payment, please respond with a valid email address. Please choose one as these are all that I can offer you. Best, Ashley Jones MyView Member Services I took footfree's advice and promptly told them that I was upset that I had already been waiting for a week and that why am I being punished for your lack of professionalism. Needless to say they sent the payment VIA PAYPAL TODAY. The odd thing is that on the email I got it shows: Myview Payment then everything else is Oneopinion from and through paypal but why are they using a Myview header on the emails. Regardless they paid and it was handled in a good manner
  15. New Response. I have tried posting to their FB page but everything has to be approved by their moderators, how nice is that??? I did email and posting response here which is garbage: Hi, Thanks for participating in our studies. Would you like the points credited back to your account for the gift card? Or would you like a Visa card, from our alternate vendor, that would arrive in 15 business days? If so, please respond with your complete mailing address. Best, Hugh I told them my address is listed on their site every time I log on but I still gave. So a card that should have been here by the 3rd is going to take another 15 days which means 22 days past the due date. I wonder how many of their "PEOPLE" would continue going to work if they were told paychecks would arrive 3 weeks after the date they were supposed to be paid?