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  1. MAVY (short for Mavericks), is an online community run by millennials, for millennials and seeks to bridge the gap between millennial consumers and businesses. Take quizzes, surveys, and participate in discussion boards to tell brands what you want. Collect points along the way and trade them for gift certificates to stores like Amazon and Target. Plenty of sweepstakes opportunities are available too. Available for a limited time only to millennial-aged USA residents only. CLICK HERE TO JOIN
  2. MDforLives has been added to SurveyPolice. MDforLives is an online community specifically for doctors and healthcare professionals. Participate in online surveys and focus groups which will assist pharmaceutical, life sciences, and medical device companies make important decisions. Earn $10-$500 per study, and get paid to your Paytm, PayPal, SnapPay or Google Wallet account. Eligibility: Physicians and healthcare professionals residing in countries including USA, UK, Canada, and India. Join MDforLives
  3. Thank you to those of you who submitted this survey panel for inclusion on SurveyPolice. We've just added OpinionsUSA to the directory here: Please go ahead and submit your reviews.
  4. The TV Fan Forum is an online community of people who love TV and entertainment. Share your opinions with researchers through various surveys, polls and message boards about your likes and dislikes about TV shows, actors and the entertainment industry. Get rewarded with cool prizes for your participation. USA residents only. CLICK HERE TO JOIN
  5. Hi penangel, Thanks for your feedback! It would be great if you could post your comments in the form of a review for Life Fun and Everything. That way, people potentially interested in joining can read your comments directly on their listing.
  6. Life Fun and Everything has been added to SurveyPolice. This is an invitation-only survey panel. For a limited time, you may join through SurveyPolice and after you complete the registration survey, you'll receive $4 added to your account. Earn points for completing surveys, and redeem them for gift cards to AMC Theaters, Delta Airlines, and more. You may also opt to receive a Prepaid Visa card or donate your earnings to charity. Eligibility: USA residents only If you're already a member of Life Fun and Everything, please share your experiences by leaving a review. Join Life Fun and Everything
  7. In our new Ultimate Guide to GPT Sites, we've posted an in-depth look into GPT programs and how they work. The guide is split into 6 separate sections: The Basics: What are GPT Sites Choosing the Right Rewards Referral Programs and Account Levels Determining Legitimacy, Identifying Scams Tips and Tricks List of GPT Sites Note that the list of GPT Sites page is separate from our GPT Rankings page (which ranks sites according to user reviews). The GPT Sites page features a table which you can sort alphabetically, by reward type, etc. so it's a little different. If there's anything we're missing in the guide, or if you have any feedback about it, please leave your comments below. We hope you find it useful!
  8. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel has been added to SurveyPolice. Download the app onto your desktop or mobile device and join 400 sweepstakes winners every month who share in a prize pool worth $10,000, or, receive points you can use towards gift cards. If you're already a member of Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, please share your experiences by leaving a review. Visit Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel
  9. Hi bearman, Welcome to the forum! Opini Surveys seems to have misconfigured their SSL certificate. If you try switching browsers (to Chrome for instance), you should be able to access your account.
  10. This Spanish speaker is asking for help. No need to report this post. Hi lola, You might wish to begin learning about online surveys via our Surveys101 page. From there, you can check out the top user ranked survey panels in your country: and join the ones that appeal to you. You are welcome to share your survey taking experiences with the community members here, or ask any more further questions you may have. Happy survey taking!
  11. Hi Gytaryst, Welcome to the forum! We're sure some of the forum members here will chime in with their own experiences including which panels tend to disqualify less than others, but in the meantime, here's are a few resources you might find helpful: Survey panels who offer rewards for disqualifications Why filling out profilers will lead to more surveys Why market researchers aren't racist; information on demographic segmentation
  12. We don't have any reason to believe so; Instant Cash Sweepstakes catered to the USA market, which is also covered by PaidviewPoint. As far as we know, ICS is shutting down because the two panels were similar and one is easier to manage than two.
  13. TRP Surveys has been added to SurveyPolice. Earn £5 shopping vouchers or charity donations in exchange for your opinions on TV programming and other forms of media. And every time you take a survey, automatically receive a bonus entry into a prize draw. If you're already a member of TRP Surveys, please share your experience with this survey site and leave a review! Open to UK residents 16+ Visit TRP Surveys here
  14. Surveyspot is not officially closed, but they've been slowly winding down for years now. SSI is focusing their efforts on recruiting new users to their Opinion Outpost and OpinionWorld panels.
  15. Although still operational, Zoom Panel and MyView are slowly fading out, in favor of OneOpinion. CriticalMix owns all three of these panels and is only actively recruiting for OneOpinion (which they have completely refreshed in the last few months).