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  1. Did a viewpoint survey for them and after it was done it said that This website is temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Please return in a few hours, and thank you for your patience.So I don't even know if I got the points for doing this survey.Plus I have been trying to get on their web site but a error message keeps popping up.I wonder if I will get to do the product test that I did the survey on?Is it happening to anyone else ?Really don't want to do anymore surveys ,what if I'm not getting paid for these? I cant even make a post on facebook about the problem.Grrrrrr
  2. Like 1957 horses I wonder what happened to her?
  3. Tell your friends to join,get rewarded 1000 (Ipsos) points for doing so.But yet it seems that them sending out surveys is at a all time low.Not just Ipsos but all the survey companies.Or maybe it's my demographic is getting out dated and they need fresh young blood.Just hard to recommend when some of the companies don't treat us fairly.
  4. I'm not able to get the site up when using Google Chrome or Firefox.Might try another browser and see what happens. I don't have time to try right now but there is also a site to see if it up and running . I tried and it says it's up and running but I'm getting a HTTP ERROR 500 when logging thru Google.
  5. I have had it happen once or twice.I think there is a old thread about this on the Rant and Rave section.It was some time ago but I remember us talking about it before. I found it under the heading It does happen but since it is a rarity it makes you wonder.
  6. Survey number 482384 in fact you may have gotten it twice. A new survey is available Survey Number: 482384 Reward for Survey Completion: 90 MarketPoints A new survey is available Survey Number: 482384 Reward for Survey Completion: 200 MarketPoints So which is it 90 or 200?Plus after I did it I received no points and got the standard that they are looking into and to wait 7 to 10 days.However ( me the skeptic)you know they are only going to give me the 90.It was for Kellogg's cereal's.
  7. Wont pay for surveys done says to wait 7 to 10 days when you get a Title error.Did a survey on tech company's took 15 minutes at the end it says I don't qualify .Then I try to do a suvrey says it's not compatible with the device I'm using (desk top computer)so I forward it to my smartphone and then it says it's not compatible.So what the h--- what kind of device do they want you to use?If the money wasn't okay I would quit.
  8. So I went to facebook and ya apparently many people are having the same problems as you.If the phone thing doesn't work out go facebook Here is some things I read while I was there (I removed their full names,that wouldn't be cool to do that) e-Rewards: I cannot login into my account although I have been an active member completing surveys everyday. I have sent 4 requests for help but have not received a reply. Can someone help me login to my account? And also tell me why I cannot login? Like · Reply · 1 · March 11 at 10:42am e-Rewards Hi K -- sorry you are have issues! Will you private message us with your email address and troubles and we'll get someone from our team to get with you? Thank you! Like · Reply · March 14 at 8:53am View more replies K Same thing happened to me I had 140.00 plus on account then all of a sudden deactivated based on survey responses NOT COOL Like · Reply · 2 · 22 hrs K Yes! I had over 100 too so I'm pretty upset. I spent A LOT of time with their surveys and they just so easily deactivated my account
  9. I was reading their email and on there it said I just do not think it's fair that somemone can win 4 times in a row- after the first win I think your name should be taken off Win 25,000 points when you refer a friend 2500 Points when you Refer a Friend! Win 25,000 Points when you Refer a Friend! February Winner: Veronica from Vancouver, British Columbia (4th consecutive win!)
  10. You need to call the main office and talk to them.I would not just lie down and let them roll all over you.You never know what they might say.There is one thing that people will tell you who do surveys and that is to cash out at the first level you get to . They will tel you to never let that many points accumulate on any account - and the reason I say that is because of what happened to you.They are owned by Research Now here is a phone number and address 5800 Tennyson Pkwy Ste 600, Plano, TX 75024 · (214) 782-2800 Or you can rebut it by emailing them off of their web site.Yeah never let them win without trying to see if they will fix it.
  11. Yes Community Village is the main site.The longer you are a member the more you will be asked to join another one of their communities.As for the odds I cant really say.I know they have other communities that I was never asked to join like the candy dish.I'm with Auto and the shopping journal(which is about to close they said it was only good for a year:( so I'm guessing it's either random or they read your profile or simply ask questions that have to do with a panel to see if you qualify.)