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  1. In the 15+ years I have been with Pinecone , I have been DQ'd once and that was quite clearly the result of my not fitting the demographic. The DQ came after a couple questions. However , I have taken Pinecone ones that were handled by other sites and on those a DQ happens quite often. Those have always been for general type concepts (like cell phone use) whereas those on Pinecone have almost always been for a new product or product concept. Even on ones where I stated early on that I would not use or buy the product , I was not disqualified. Did you try emailing Karen Scott about it?
  2. Finally got in OK the next day. I don't need to access the site often except to check on my account balance or cash out.
  3. I've had that as well. That is one of several things I like about Pinecone. You don't have to especially like the product concept or would ever buy it.
  4. Anyone unable to access the Survey Savvy site? Can't get any of the pages to come up.
  5. Glad to see others having the same issues with figuring out what the CAPTCHA wants. I've had the same issues. Store fronts that are not stores at all having to be included as store fronts , street signs that are not traffic related (sign atop a restaurant) , and rivers that are a mere thread in the distance. I can understand requiring proof that one is not a robot to access a site where data integrity is required , but some sites have also made the CAPTCHA required to access Customer Service to ask a question!!
  6. YES! They are a pain and are not always browser friendly. There has to be a better way.
  7. I see that as well from time to time. Many survey companies simply send out the survey to everyone in their database regardless of their profile. Thus , one can be DQed for various reasons. If the paid attention to user profiles , that should not happen.
  8. Actually , they have tried out the new method as well as new software. Both failed. The new method had server issues and simply would not load for anyone. The new software was such that the survey had to be completed in one session. No re-entry was allowed. When I tried that survey , the software crashed half way through.
  9. As luck would have it , the My Personal Routine diary also ended with an error. Hopefully , they will award points!
  10. The only times of late when I have had problems with them were when they tried new software or the initial try at the new system. Neither worked. Just had a survey Monday that used the old system , so there must still be bugs with the new one. I never had issues with the old systyem in all the years I have been with them.
  11. Part of that problem is that with the glut of survey companies out there , it is quite likely that a survey was farmed out to several companies and not just one. So , you may have done a survey on brand xxx coffee and the survey at hand is on brand yyy coffee , but they ask a generic question to not get duplicate responses when they really need to follow up with a more specific one. I see that all the time.
  12. I still use them , but they are about the bottom of the list (never were too high up!). The last few years I get about 95% screeners , non-qualifying , or no pointers. At best I see 3-4 a year that pay more than a few points. Also , as Somelady stated , their payout "speed" is abysmal at best.
  13. Been noting issues in recent times with Firefox as well. Most non-survey sites still work OK , but some of the survey ones don't. A few are because they are now using the "I'm not a robot" CAPTCHA and that seems to never work in FF. The sites that I use that are thus affected by that are Pinecone , Crowdology , and Zoompanel. MyPoints made some changes awhile back and now they fail to even open with anything other than a Chrome based browser. Both the sites and Firefox seem to feel we are accessing Fort Knox when we access the net. We do have security software and there have to be less stringent ways to ward off the bots.
  14. Just got a Household Questions one. Looks like the new system is not working yet. I also get the Shop Tracker after every survey , but did not qualify the first time , so it automatically rejects me. Would do little good as I rarely shop online anyway.
  15. One thing I have noted is that there are many times the companies handling surveys as there were when I started 15+ years ago. Many are not that good. The stalwarts (decent ones) are still around but are losing surveys to the upstarts that often pay poorly. I'm still doing Pinecone , MySurvey , My Points (not great) , Survey Savvy , and such.