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Unique Rewards Payment Issues


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What the heck is going on with them? I think they are very close to going belly up. They drop PayPal and then raise the threshold to request a check to 50.00. I then sign up for a Payza account  specifically to find a way to get my money and requested a payment  last Monday and expected to get paid that day since they do payments on Monday and it didn't happen. So I emailed them and they said I would get my payment this past Monday which was yesterday and once again it didn't happen.  So this time I sent them a Facebook message and am waiting for a reply. My advice to people is to stay away from this panel because it is going to be a major issue to get paid. Never had an issue when they did PayPal but now there are all kind of problems. It would not surprise me if one day soon I find the website gone. They are showing all the signs of a company that isn't going to be around for much longer.  

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On their Facebook page they said payments would go out yesterday and it didn't happen. What a shock. I can't believe anything they say anymore. I expect this panel to close up soon probably sooner rather than later.  They clearly are having financial problems. For all we know it may be up for sale and they want to see if they can sell it before deciding to close up shop.  

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They are a bunch of liars.  It has been 6 months of lies and lies about getting paid, they try to put the blame on paypal. Since they are in the UK cannot  use the BBB to go after them. If anyone has a good website for a similar organization in the UK that  can go after them t would be appreciated. They refuse to do a check for less than $50 even with paypal problems. I contact them thru their FB site and get promises and lies and lies and then more promises and lies. I checked with paypal and the problem is with uniquerewards not paying, not paypal.  If and only if (IFF) i have no other attractive surveys I may answer their email surveys and do the daily clicks to get a few cents so by in about 10 months (clicking on their emails and doing the daily clicks) I get to $50.  They are crooked as far as I am concerned despite what they say on their site. There must be an organization in the UK that can contact them similar to the BBB in the U S...if anyone has a website for this please post it. Thanks

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