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Heard from BBB on a 2016 complaint -ya almost 2 years after the fact

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It was from GTM market and they gave me my points

This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 5/25/2016 against Lightspeed, LLC.  Your complaint was assigned ID 11466984.
Your BBB has closed this case and noted that the business did not respond to the complaint.
This complaint will be reflected on the company's BBB Business Review with the following language: "BBB did not receive a response from business."

So I left it at that not thinking anymore about it until today I get a email saying they were paid ,here is GTM account of what happened


Regarding the surveys in question:

417290- account was credited 35 points on April 22, 2016

419464-this is not a valid survey they participated in but I will award their account 30 points

419528-they were screened out of this survey, but I will award their account 30 points

420736-they completed and were awarded the 30 points for this survey. I will award them the remaining 70 points today

I was wondering where all these mysterious points were coming from, but hey when they give you points you kinda feel like it has to be back pay and not to question when points start to fall from the sky.

But like I said they gave me my points but to have a answer after so much time well lets just say it did  kind of floor me.

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I have not heard great things about the BBB.  Did they solve the problem for you? Just curious if it was only about points?

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Yes it was only about points,which I was surprised to get.After 1 1/2 of not responding why in the world would you turn around and and answer it?Wonder if they will kick me off their panel now?Last time I complained to the BBB on Harris Poll they closed my account and stole about $5 of my earnings.

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