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Somebody won a million dollars in the Monopoly game

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I was just on slickdeals, and somebody posted there yesterday that somebody in Idaho Falls, Idago won one fo the million dollar prizes in the Monopoly game which is being played at Safeway, Albertsons, Shaws, Randalls, Acme, Jewelosco and  all other stores that are owned by Albertson's, and yes Albertson's now owns Safeway.  I am confused because Albertson's used to own Jewel, but I thought a holding company took over  the stores a few years ago.

I don't know if that means there will not be a second chance drawing or not.  If nobody won the million, there was supposed a drawing to pick two second chance winners.  This is only the second year somebody has won the million by collecting the tickets.  There is one rare piece for each of the two million dollar prizes.  The game ends May 8th.  All I have won has been lots of free items, including 4 packages of gravy mix that I will never use, two bottles of aspirin and two bagels.  Everybody seems to be getting tons of coupons for free gravy mix.

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