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TNS BEVERAGE call back- rude,rude ,rude

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This is the beverage diary for GTM.So they called me and I let it go voice mail,however as soon as I realized who it was I answered the phone.But as soon as I picked it up she started  scolding me - saying that she had to start all over because I didn't let her finish what she was saying.I said I was sorry but I always screen calls because of spam.So she's like alright already let me begin again.As she is doing this she said I had been doing this study for 2 weeks.I told her it felt only like a week.Mind you she called right when I was in the middle of my workout so not being able to be in front of my computer threw me off.But anyways -she said no ,so I stop what I was doing to go look at my emails .I tell her I received the email on the 16th stating it would start on the 23rd.Then she tells me well isn't that 2 weeks?It is May so stop doing the dairy on Sunday- however the email says to stop on Wed. the 6th.I told her this but she said to stop on Sunday.She was kinda rude scolding and condescending  older women.I didn't want to be rude but I was real close to letting go and telling her she was being rude.I mean she really was getting on my last nerve.But I kept my cool however at the end she tells me since I didn't let her finish what she was saying that I needed to erase the message between the 2 of us because not all the information will be on the recording.What?Why was she telling me what to do with my phone messages?What I would like to do is report her.I know she has a job to do but talking to people like that is really unnecessary.I kept the email says I will be paid in 4 to 6 weeks after it closes.All I can say is if you are that unhappy with your job and cannot conduct yourself in a manner conducive to being polite and not be belittling  to the panelist then maybe just maybe you need a new job.Yikes!

I do get that she probably has to deal with this a lot but maybe instead of the phone saying out of area phone call they should have the  name of the company.That or just do recordings if they really don't want a reply from us anyways.GRRR still peeved!

PS. No I didn't erase the message


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