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Anybody here live in Florida?

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For those people who live in Florida, and have Amazon Prime, Whole Foods has a new program rolling out currently in Florida in which if you have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for their saving program for Whole Foods which is currently only available in Florida.  They are hoping to expand it to the rest of the country sometime this summer.  You can either download the app. or sign up for the program using your phone number at the register.  You can then save an additional 10% off on sale items.  I don't know if this means all items on sale, or just select ones.  You can also get exclusive pricing on other items in the store.  I know they had this at Thanksgiving, where if you were a member of Prime, you got a discount on your whole turkey at Whole Foods.  When they bring this out nationally, I might be tempted to sign up for Prime.  I go to Whole Foods 1-2 times a month, and I usually buy sale items, and a few other things such as their 365 peanut butter.  I need to accumulate some more money in my Amazon account though before I sign up for Prime.  



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