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. W-9 form required for market research panel?

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Hi- I finally got into a FPG panel on medicare that pays $125 for two hours in Chicago.  I was not sure if I would get in because I told them I was self employed, and she asked me what I did, and I told her, and she said "You are doing healthcare?"  I said it was very part time, and work for a family for six hours every two weeks, where I sit with the husband, while the wife works.  She did not know if I would be eligible.  I got a call yesterday (Tuesday) that I was eligible, and that the panel is on Thursday, and they sent me a confirmation email.  I saw the email they sent on Monday, and they say I will have to print out a W-9 and fill it out and give it to them.  I doubt there is anyway I will make $600 with them this year, and I have never had a market research company ask me to fill one out for them.  They also told me that their office is business casual.  Does this mean that I can't wear jeans to the panel?  I have never been told that.  I get a $125 visa gift card when the panel is over  This is the first panel I have ever done with them.  I don't know how many more I want to do with them.

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