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Tips for My Opinons

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After reading some online reviews here, I became quite worried about using this site and I still half expect to have my account cancelled for no apparent reason as reported by many people here and on the My Opinions FB page. After reading some of the reviews, I noticed some were a clear breach of T&Cs and wanted to make a post about it, as Ive had a great experience with them so far and left a positive review. I hope I dont experience any of the issues reported here, but I remain prepared for it.

1. Read the T&C's, they are not long and there is no fine print.
2. Only 1 person per household is permitted to sign up. More than 1 person at the same address will breach the T&C's.
3. Only access the site from your own IP address - the IP's are noted and using a different IP can trigger a breach of T&C's notice.
4.  When you elect to cash out, your browser will prompt you for permission to share your location, allow it. The payments can only be made to verified Australians. Refusing to disclose your location may trigger a breach of T&C's notice.
5. If your account is cancelled, all details re deleted from their system after 6months, allowing a new registration.

Thats all Ive been able to ascertain for now, hoping this site doesnt do the dirty on me like others have reported.

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