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A few days ago I completed a 30 point survey for OpinionWorld - shortly afterwards I completed a $30 survey for MyOpinions.

At the end of both surveys, as I tried to submit them, I was met with the message 'Unfortunately an error has occurred. We apologise for the inconvenience'.

I asked for advice and reassurance from both sites that my surveys had been received and the points awarded to me.

From both I received a standard response that was exactly the same, indicating that it is one and the same site.

It seems obvious to me that there was a glitch at their end.

MyOpinions, after I provided the survey number, has assured me that my survey has been received and that I will receive my points in due course.

OpinionWorld, however, requested a copy of the survey invitation which I provided. There is nothing on the invitation to identify it except that it was a 10 minute survey for 30 points. They then sent me an identical survey which I of course ignored.

They asked me for further information which I can't provide as there is nothing on the invitation to identify it, other than the original email.

I have chosen to close my account and lose my points rather than take the risk of working for nothing.





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