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Quicksurveys/Toluna on Swagbucks

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Oh boy, what it is with more and more panels using 3rd party scripting/plugins with screening questions these days?

Since Valued Opinions was taken over by OO, OO integrated the valued-opinions pre-survey screening questions into their platform so every day its a load of useless pre-screening questions before even being taken to any potential survey. Hop over to VO and exact same questions are there before being able to take a survey.

The last week or so I noticed on SB, UPS surveyrouter surveys do that too.

Basically UPS is the survey that has an "i" next to it on SB Gold survey page (well the other with a "i" is Global test market for 80SB). Its for 70SB and can be clicked 3 times a day (3 "shots" I call it and getting and doing a UPS survey).

UPS is a router. It has pre-screening questions answered and saved so should direct me to a survey.

The last week or so, each time it directs you to.....ANOTHER..... router..... "Quicksurveys.com" which it didn't before. With a big page of the usual tedious questions ("Do you or anyone in your household have any of the following conditions?").

Once answered it takes you into a survey with total disregard for your answers. Like.... I answered no I don't own a car. It took me to a survey, 6 questions in it asked about my car ownership and when I ticked "no".....Disqualified.

I'm sure UPS router must be owned by Toluna as most of the surveys are on their platform.

Is there a point to it? It will just annoy members long term. Why on earth use a second survey router, let alone when it doesn't take any of your answers into consideration when redirecting to a survey?

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Yeah, now I dread trying to earn my 5 dq points on Swagbucks because I know I'll have to waste more time then I should have to in order to get them.

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