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My Favorite Sites and Looking For Others

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With 2018 coming to a close I just wanted to list the sites that I have been using and to see if anyone has any that I should be a member of.  I've been doing this only since March.  Here are my sites:

1st - Opinion Outpost - My most consistent site and I can always get the pop rewards, which is easy, and has given me several product tests and tv pilots to watch.

2nd - One Opinion - This has some better days than others, but has been a strong performer.

3rd - Prize Rebel - I like this site in that it rates your performance to make sure you don't rush or get caught with trick questions.  I get a small bonus each month and it gives me my Amazon cards instantly.

4th - GTM - The easiest site for me to get quick cash, but the downside is I can go days with nothing available.

5th - Survey Junkie - This has lots of choices, but I don't qualify as much and they have a lot of ipos surveys and I rarely qualify.


Please let me know what I am missing.

Thanks in advance

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Pinecone,Gongos village and erewards becasue of their gift cardswell all except Pinecone they have Paypal..

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