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Problem with Gongos

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I did a high paying interview with Gongos in November. They even sent me a web cam. 

Well, I haven't been paid and they said I would be paid by December 20. A person from the company was supposed to email us on the 20th if we had not received our incentives. I never got the e-mail or the incentive.

I thought I would wait until after the holidays to call and e-mail. No one has gotten back to me. I am getting nervous about this. Also, after I had taken the survey they called me about 3 or 4 times to get the correct spelling of my name and my address. Originally, we were to receive gift cards.

I took the initial survey through One Opinion and the survey was conducted by Gongos.

I did not know how to take this off. No sooner than I posted I got an e-mail stating it should come on 8th. You guys are good luck charms I gues


Thanks, Applecrisp.

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