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Valued Opinions - Delays in crediting for survey completion?

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More woes for VO.

As per another post, the site was perfect before SSI bought them up.

Now, amongst other problems with them, there's massive delays in crediting for survey completion, with a lot of the time not even crediting at all.

Previously, before VO was owned by SSI, after completing a survey the reward would be added to account balance instantly. Now? Why are there huge delays? Why have SSI messed up VO?

This last weeks stats were (which I kept note of as I knew I would post here about this issue):

9 surveys completed with VO (Fully completed, got to end, gave survey ratings and had the "Thank you for your feedback!" page)

3x - £2.50 total - NOT CREDITED AT ALL.
2x - £1.00 total - Credited near instantly or within 5-10 mins of completion.
4x - £2.75 total - Credited up to 2 hours after completion.

What is going on?

Looking at the FB page there's quite a few with this issue of completed surveys not being credited at all


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I don't see any mention of SSI on their website.. it lists Research Now as the company.. Anyone know if SSI is linked to Valued Opinions

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