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I started with all of this last year and I seemed to have a great bit of luck.  When I heard folks on the board commenting on their lack of surveys on certain sites, I could not relate until now.  I took a few week break due to work issues and I have tried to get back into it with zero luck.  Prize Rebel which was my best site over the past three months has a lot of surveys available, but I can't qualify for any.  It is the same story at Opinion Outpost.  Obviously my life situation did not change in the past three weeks, but I can't get one survey from these sites that I used to average 5-10 a day.  Thanks to this forum, I have other new ones I can try and I won't give up.  I just am shocked that my go to sites have dried up so quickly for me.


Thanks for this board and for all of the help and guidance I have received so far.

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January, February and sometimes March are usually pretty slow so you are probably just feeling the usual first of the year slowdown. Once the summer shopping trends and summer holidays start getting closer things should pick up.

Ending the year with a bang is fun and then suddenly struggling to make maybe a few bucks a day is frustrating. You just have to ride it out until things pick up again.

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