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Online Sports Gambling (NJ)


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Here is another way I have made money online since last Fall. Only if you live in NJ (I think there may be 1-2 other states that also made it legal) you can literally bet money on any sports game and sometimes get a nice return. There is a learning curve, but many websites are available that do a great job explaining the different type of bets you can make and how to understand the odds. There has been times I put down $20 on an underdog team to win (known as money line bet), and then win about $60 when I am right. Yes, there are many times I have lost as well. I think my last 4 out of 5 bets were losses to be honest. However, it is a fun way to make extra money online if you live in NJ and have a favorite sport you enjoy following. Personally I use Fan Duel and Ceasars-Atlantic City Sportsbook the most often. I especially like Ceasars online because they even offer me free $5 to $10 bets sometimes, meaning I dont put any money down, but still can make money if a team I bet on wins. You can bet on just about every game except for local NJ college teams and minor league teams. If anyone has more questions about this, feel free to ask. Surprised it hasnt been mentioned on here yet.

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