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Bizpinion "Attempted" Survey Status

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I have so many surveys that say "Attempted" even surveys I did so long ago some even date back to 2018...  What's going on with the studies being open for so many months?  Then when I was going to try and put in a ticket it's impossible to do so.  I tried all the contacts possible still no luck...  Have you guys been having problems with Bizpinion not crediting you for previous surveys?  I searched here I seen others having issues but it was old issues people had dated back to 2016...  It's 2019 and I'm looking to see who else has this issue and what was it you guys done to fix this issue with Bizpinion...  I have been credited from them before via Paypal back in 2018 sometime and I had no issue with them.  Now I am lost for words here hoping you guys can give me some advice on this issue.

Annotation 2019-04-19 001541.png

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