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MOBROG, incompetent and dishonest

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I was apprised of MOBROG from another post in the forum and decided to try them. I have learned firsthand that MOBROG is awful. Often what they offer are very low-value roulettes that go on and on, actually last longer than the survey you qualify for. Once, I was presented one high-value survey that lasted almost an hour but since that was administered by Cint, it died at the conclusion, I was never returned to MOBROG and never was rewarded. I contacted MOBROG and discovered that if a panelist has a problem with a survey, the panelist must provide proof and screenshots are not proof. This means that MOBROG requires the panelist to maintain a complete log of their web pages as they are repeatedly redirected by MOBROG or clients. This usually means one of two things to me, the panel lacks the internal resources to be competent OR the panel is feigning operational issues, to keep the entire panelists' rewards to themselves. In the month I tried them, they had very, very low yield and MOBROG kept most of what I completed. In the month I tried MOBROG, they did not generate any unique panels. Meaning that the surveys that they did presented also come up on much better run and honest panels. Also support has a behavior of attrition. Meaning that they do not address all issues brought up, state your emails were blank and/or do not respond, they do not help or resolve issues. Since I never expected to make the payout threshold, and I discontinued MOBRG and left my meager month, $0.49, of earnings behind.  So I recommend to STAY AWAY FROM MOBROG.

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