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Protecting our information?

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On 8/12/2019 at 5:23 PM, Cliche01 said:

Yeah, I have to agree...sure, if you use a PC, phone, or whatever, chances are some company is going to track what you are looking up to some extent.  Amazon is terrible with this, there have been times I simply browsed something on their site without logging in, then went to check my e-mail and there's an ad in the sidebar for the very item I was browsing.  There's been stuff like the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal.  But I kind of doubt anyone can see right through your TV, computer or phone screen, that starts being the stuff of dystopian sci-fi tales. 

They have access to the cameras on your phone. get a cover for the phone cameras. They can also turn on the cameras. Have you ever picked up your phone and the camera was on but you didn't turn it on? The phone also listens to your conversations when the phone is off, There's also covers for web cams. You can search all of this.

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