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I'm all down for fun and games, and I'm sure there are many professional, well meaning folks from Point Club and parent company Innovate MR, everyone should be aware that after numerous online complaints at places like surveypolice.com and even the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org - search for Point Club at Encino, CA), apparently the good Captain PC has extending the already WAY uncompetitive "pending" point period to six weeks, from the two to four weeks -- primarily, I suspect, because existing staff could not successfully achieve confirmed status with clients within the month-long deadline.

It's unfortunate. Certain companies like Forthright, Survey Junkie and a few others provide a monetary award immediately after either one survey is completed, or within a small amount earned -- in the case of Survey Junkie, only $10. And of course, NO company of the nearly three dozen with whom I have established relationships requires their survey taking clients to wait six weeks. It's an unbalanced relationship that gives so much power to their customers that it makes survey takers feel like second-class citizens -- notwithstanding the Sesame Street-like characters.

I will nevertheless continue to do a modest amount of work for them, because they have customers who seem to be reasonably honorable and responsible. I just wish I felt fully the same way about Point Club and Innovate MR.

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