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what are the best survey companies as of september 2019?

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hi all.

what are the good survey companies, now, in september of 2019?

I seem to be discovering that the few survey sites that I have used, for years, seem to have gone down in quality.   like Opinion Outpost.  [I read that the company has been bought out by another survey company.  Seems to me that nearly every single survey site, if it is good when they start, either goes down hill soon, or is bought by another company. ] 

[someone told me that in the early 1970s there were 125 snowmobile manufacturers.  in ten years there were 10, all merged or out of business]

Almost as if one has to be on the wave, of a new survey company, just as it starts up, soon it will be trash.


I also note that as time goes by, one has to jump through more and more hoops to *get* to a survey.   opinion  outpost, i am looking at you.  often i have to go through like 5 to 8 pages of pre screening then get to a survey and find out I have to do more prescreening for it, only to find out i am not qualified.    


even that survey company that mailed out surveys, a couple of years ago, their surveys got longer and longer and longer but with the same cash payout.


I too am a old 78 white guy.   a paradox.   surveys require, so to speak, that one buys and uses products and services.      on my $10,000 income, mostly disability pension, I cannot afford to buy or use.  seems to me that the people who can be the most qualified for surveys are the very people who need the money the least!




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Hi there. It looks like you have a double post on this forum, just making you aware. 

As far as survey companies, Opinion Outpost was taken over by survey Sampling International (SSI/Dynata). Dynata has taken over several panels, and everything they touch goes into the crapper quickly - (just my humble opinion, don't speak for anyone except myself). Opinion Outpost is total crap (again, just my opinion). I'd avoid them like the plague. 

It may be helpful for you to check out the top five survey sites listed by Survey Police for 2019. I believe the link is off the home page. That's how I found some of the ones I recently signed up for. I am a member of Prolific, Paid Viewpoint, and One Opinion because of this. Now One Opinion was taken over by Dynata/SSI, but they seem to be okay so far. Otherwise, it's kinda a crapshoot to find decent survey sites. It's hit or miss. I try to keep my eye out for good ones. 

Also, again just my opinion, there seems to be rampant bias against anyone over 50. I am 55, and have a hell of a time getting surveys. I probably disqualify for about 95% of surveys. I do spend 5-6 hours in a typical day doing surveys, and on a good day might make $6-$10 a day. But I really enjoy the challenge, and every once in a blue moon, I get a really good opportunity. I am also a mystery shopper, and get more money from that. It just depends on what you like to do. I hope this helped. Best of luck to you in the future. 


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