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Spice Trade closed

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Was unable to log in, contacted Cint who replied to say that panel had closed but I could transfer any points to another of their panels 

Editing this because of trouble with Cint!

Was told Spice Trade had closed & points would be transferred, but then had e-mail "Do you have an old survey link from the Spice Trade panel? 
This is the only way to find your previous panel account."

Told them I didn't have any old e-mails "I hadn’t received any survey invitations for some time so tried to log on & see if I’d missed any – hence my e-mail. I know that I had about £7 credit (not enough to redeem), so are you now saying that’s lost because you (as owners) have no way of tracing my account? Great reward for numerous surveys!" & they replied:-

"Unfortunately, yes. Due to GDPR we're not able to keep your profile information in our system anymore. The only way to find you is through an old survey link, as I can then find your account by the panelist ID, but still won't be able to that your email or your information is related to that account."

I said "I’ve searched all my e-mails but cannot find an old survey link (once I’d completed a survey there would be no point keeping the e-mail). Seems very poor practice to simply close a panel without warning, if I’d been sent an e-mail I could have queried sooner"

"Yes, this should be informed by the partner for panelists to be able to cash out before closing. Do you have any old emails from the panel at all? We apologize for the inconvenience."

"I’ve now searched & cannot find any old e-mails (I’ve even contacted my service provider to see if there was any way to recover old e-mails – there isn’t). As I explained I delete e-mails once I have completed a survey, only went to log in as I hadn’t had any surveys for a while. I don’t recall receiving any notification that the panel was closing – but I wouldn’t have been able to cash out as (from my records) I had £7.60 – the minimum to redeem is £8.00. So are you saying because I don’t keep e-mails forever, and you don’t keep records I have lost out?"

"Usually before closing the minimum amount to cash out is lowered for everyone to be able to cash out. I'm very sorry about the inconvenience."

So they are sorry for inconvenience, but still refuse to give me what I've earned! 


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Cint refusing to transfer points
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