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Psychology Survey - Resilience to Adjustment Disorder Symptoms


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Hey guys, I am currently in my final year of Psychology and I am looking into the factors associated with resilience to Adjustment Disorder reactions among university students.

If you're an undergraduate student over the age of 18 and are interested in psychology, survey taking or just want to lend a hand towards my thesis please join and complete this 10-15 minute survey. All the information provided is completely anonymous. The survey contains an information leaflet which explains more about the study's purpose and aims. So if unsure, click into the link and give the leaflet a read.

You can even complete this survey on your phones, no need to open up a laptop!

If you know other students who might be interested you can send them a copy of the link, that would be a major help. Thanks so much guys, good luck in all your university pursuits!

Click the link to open survey contents:

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