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New Panel: Survey Junkie


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Although not 'new' in the traditional sense (Survey Junkie has been around for a very long time), we decided to add Survey Junkie to the SurveyPolice directory.

Whether in discussions on this forum or through other user comments we receive, there does seem to be a significant number of users who appear to have success with Survey Junkie. Pair that with a number of e-mail inquiries asking why the panel wasn't listed on SurveyPolice, we went ahead and added it today. If you have experience with the site, we ask that you leave a review for it.

Survey Junkie is available to residents of the USA, Canada, and Australia.

checkmark.png Take surveys on your computer or via the Android app
checkmark.png Cash out your earnings via PayPal, or via e-gift card or bank transfer (if you're in the USA)
checkmark.png Earn points for survey disqualifications
checkmark.png Earn additional points for profile survey completions


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I love Survey Junkie. They are very fair and most surveys you qualify for. They also have bonuses they offer as well as an extension to your browser called Survey Junkie Plus. Their site is very simple and they even have an app.  Very pleased with them.


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Survey Junkie has a lot of bad reviews on here AND on other survey forums. Many claimed they don't pay out, lock accounts for no reason, and DQ you at the very end of a long survey. Perhaps some will have better luck than others, but be cautious with this one. Many people recommend stayimg away from this company.

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I quit them not too long ago. I just got tired of going long stretches of not getting any surveys, and jumping through hoops to deal with the reasoning behind it.

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