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Pinecone keeps spinning-anyone else have issues

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7 hours ago, CatShaw54 said:

I tried that email address and got a robomessage back that it is not monitored. They've sent me a profile update study but it is impossible to complete due to many glitches. I was trying to tell them this but how can I? Their email is not monitored and their onliine contact form fails. They will not, repeat not, let me ask a question directly. When I report the survey glitch, I simply get a screen telling me try another browser. Well, I've tried THREE browsers, to no avail. Pinecone used to be a good site but now it seems fishy to me.

That's odd, it's the one I was using. I was responding to an email they sent to me, so maybe it gets rerouted somehow when I hit reply. Do you have any emails in the past from them you could reply to and try that way?

It just sucks that the regular contact link doesn't work since they changed their site. They seem to have fallen fast, I checked their BBB page and they have an F rating. Never thought I'd see that from Pinecone. :(

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I just filed a complaint against them myself with the BBB. Enough is enough.

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