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FluxRewards.com - $1.00 Minimum Payout


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I want to share FluxRewards with members of SurveyPolice as it doesn't seem to have already been shared here, nor is it on the main site.

We try to be one of the best GPT sites around, to do this, we provide high payouts, near-to-no withdrawal fees, and offers for nearly all countries,
We've even got a Captcha Solving Offer for people that'd prefer to earn from that.

What are our main features?

  • Easy registration, hassle-free account creation with minimal questions asked.
  • Dive straight into earning money whether that be via our Offers, Surveys or Offer Walls page.
  • Refer friends and earn 10% if what they earn, which we're also looking to improve upon (And pay per referral)
  • Helpful support staff that always want to ensure that you're using all opportunities to earn money from.

Our latest update to the website saw the addition of the Surveys page, a new and organized place for you to find paying surveys.
This stops users having to go through hoops to try to find the highest paying version of the offer, as we'll only show the highest paying on that page.

As of writing this, we've paid out over $23,000.00 to 8,660 members, which is something we're proud of.
FluxRewards is not shiftcode, and in fact, we made FluxRewards from the ground up, giving us pure flexibility.

So, if you're not already a member of our GPT website, then we'd highly suggest you try it out and let us know what you think!


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I tried to register. They sent me an email. I clicked on the link to confirm my email address and it did not work. I tried the alternate link to copy/paste into my browser, that did not work either. I can’t get it to send another email. Please advise.

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