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To people in U.S. Do we get a 1099 tax form from foreign based companies?


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From what I understand, if we make $600 or more with one company, they are required to send us a 1099 form for taxes that has to be declared. What happens if this company is based in England, like Prolific or others that pay us in British pounds (but converted to U.S. dollars in Paypal). Does anyone know from past experience?

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That's a darn good question I don't have the answer to.  I'd say if they don't send you a 1099, don't worry about anything, and that the IRS really doesn't cover England, but would be curious to hear what others say who may have encountered this as well. 

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I asked this same question of Tellwut Customer Service, based in Canada.  They said they don't send anything out to any agency in the US. Maybe its the same for UK? I'd directly ask the company and they can give you the correct answer.

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