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MicroSurvey apps to fill time, post yours


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I participate in a number of very short app based surveys and I'm sure there are a number more. I use these surveys to fill idle time, riding transit, waiting in line, at the doctor's office and such. usually complete in a few minuets and if I have to abandon, not much loss.

The two I've used with satisfying results are:

SurveyMonkey Rewards - usually under 5 min, pays 25¢ - $1, 10¢ for a screen out, payout threshold is $5 and redemption is usually in the same day.

Google Opinion Rewards - 10¢ to 50¢, based on location, and activities.

There is no referral program, so just search on the name. However,  understand these panels will throttle if junk answers are submitted.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I heard of google opinion, but I believe they only pay you in google app credit, not paypal. I have not heard of survey monkey rewards, until now. I will check them out.

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