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This is a new panel I think. I just received an invite to join thru clearvoice surveys panel. I read the faq's and you don't receive incentives for completing activities(polls, surveys, discussions), you just get a entrance to win prizes. I don't waste my time on "chances to win prizes", give me incentives per activity or go away,lol. Hope this helps others decide whether or not to join.

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Same here. Complete waste of time. What are the odds of winning them prizes?

Just a way for them to get info for sod all. I avoid as well.

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I often wonder how an entry to a game of chance is a reward? I'm willing to participate in a game of chance as a "bonus", only after getting some sort of incremented reward. I also don't typically participate in drawings that you have to convert points to enter. The panels that are doing this are using the rewards from all the losers to pay for the winnings of a single person. In my opinion, this burgeons on unethical conduct.

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