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Shopper's Nest (USA Only)


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Join the exclusive Shopper's Nest Community where you can share your opinions about grocery shopping and win cash and/or prizes!

As a member, you will participate in monthly online activities about shopping for food & beverage products. When activities are completed, you will automatically be entered to win cash and/or prizes every month ($1,250 total prizes each month).

Eligibility: :1243_flag_us: USA only

Note: The link below is an affiliate link which helps cover our costs and keeps SurveyPolice operational. Full affiliate disclosure here. Thank you for your support!


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I've been a member of various vision critical forum panels in the past. Be aware that there are no cumulative rewards or perks. no discounts, special offers or even measly coupons. The only incentive is entry into a game of chance, a drawing. I never got anything for all my efforts and it is real easy to become discouraged when you get nothing in return. I seriously question the ethics of any corporation that relies on a game of chance as the reward. This is a legitimized way to get work for free. While they do state that the rewards have been quintupled, $1250 per sweeps take to 50 winners,. The membership is vast, so the expected return is nearly zilch. What I find the most disturbing is the parsimony of a very, very rich corporation. The address listed in the TOC is Nestle USA Corporate headquarters. Nestle is a transnational company pulling in over $90,000,000,000 yearly and use nearly free panelist input to increase their profits. I'm sure there's a story in here, can anyone recommend a journalist that might be interested in this subject?. Besides Micheal Moore.

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I recently signed up for this one. Can't recall why exactly, unless it was to earn an incentive from another survey site. Maybe Tellwut? Anyway, I don't expect to be spending much, if any, time with this one.

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If you’re not really into giving your opinion, you’re not going to make much from a community panel. I’ve been a member of quite a few, and they usually pay, at most, $5 per month. It’s worth that because all you really have to do is ask a few simple questions or maintain a login once a week.

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