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Views on climate Change


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This study’s purpose is to analyze and compare the various forms of climate change and compare the actual proven factors (both manmade and natural) to the opinions and concerns that various populations have on climate change. The main goal of this study is to see if a general population concerns on the changing climate scene is accurate to what is actively going on as well as the actual the consequences of those active factors. The participants of the survey will take a short survey comprising on eleven question related to climate change and potential concerns they may have with it. The survey should take no more the ten minutes to complete. All participants in the survey will remain anonyms. The only data that will be collected and used will be the answers from the survey. This survey will not notify others of participation in any way and the data will only be reviewed by the researcher. The link to the survey will be listed bellow if you take the time to view this post and participate thank you. 


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Poorly authored survey. The question was if the Planet could survive climate change, the planet yeah, us and other lifeforms, not so yeah. Earth has been whacked really hard in the past and survive. Like the time it got hit so hard the moon was formed or the asteroid impact that wiped out most dinosaurs and other life. The only threat to the earth is something really big, like the sun going nova or becoming a super red giant. 


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