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For a moment, I forgot the frustration


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it's been a bit since I did surveys for some extra money but I decided to start up again! And for that time I truly forgot how much it majorly sucked to do a 20 minute survey, be told explicitly that I qualified, but then the router site after tells me that in the end I actually didn't qualify. 

Thanks peanut labs, I love it  :-)

On the bright side though I can give some raving with this rant! Years later and I still love quick rewards, so quick to respond and understanding about these sorts of situations. I remember when I first started I wasn't the keenest on them, but I feel like they really turned it around in being one of the few survey companies who actually keeps users updated on problems (I'm still amazed when their payment system was bungled a couple years ago they gave frequent updates on facebook each step of the way), and have replies that rarely feel like the typical canned response. :)

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Welcome back to doing surveys!  I started out with Quick Rewards, lots of years ago.  I hadn't even thought about them for probably 10 years.  I might go back and see if I can log back in.  Maybe not.

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