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Anybody do Pi Opinion survey on supplements?

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Hi- I just finished a survey on Pi Opinion that was supposed to pay I think around $2.48 for 30 minutes.  It was on supplements.  I finished the study in about 30 minutes and hit submit.  I then was told I was not eligible for the survey.  I just checked my account, and I did not get compensated for that survey.  I have $7.12 in my account.  I don't do a lot of surveys with them because I am not eligible for the majority of them, and a lot of them pay $.38.  I refuse to do those.  Almost all of the surveys I get are partner surveys, and when I logged into my account, they mention that they send their own surveys, but they also sent partner surveys from other survey companies, and it is up to us as to whether we want to do the partner surveys.  Apparently then they do on rare occasion send out $5 surveys, but 99% of the surveys they send out are partner surveys, which are mostly from Cint.  The one I got today was not from Cint.  I forget which company it was from.  I wonder if this happens to me again where I don't get compensated, whether I have any options about getting them to pay me for the completed survey?  Since it is a partner survey, I doubt Pi Opinion would get involved.

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Sorry to hear this happened to you. I would find a support section. Most survey sites have that. Let them know that you were told you weren't eligible for the survey after successfully completing it. Try to get as much information as you can. Was there a survey number? If not, let them know the date and approximate time you took the survey and which third party site it was through. They should be able to find something. Some survey sites will at least partially compensate you. Some will compensate you the entire amount. If they ignore you or say they won't, file a complaint with the BBB. I did this when PointClub decided to try and screw me over on a $2 survey. They sent me a disrespectful email, which I copied and pasted to BBB and filed a complaint. It took 2-3 weeks, but I wound up getting $10 in compensation! Best of luck in getting your well earned money.

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