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What can be done when a survey refuses to pay you?

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I have been very patient with these people but they are blaming everybody but themselves. I strongly believe they never ever approved my paypal for whatever reason. Hence doesnt give me any reason I cant be paid any other way same thing my password only works to do their surveys then POOF the password is invalid for redemtion. They wont listen you try to follow their instruction and nothing works except to do their surveys This is very suspicious to me and I have seen alot of people seem to have the same issue, I am so disgusted that am not doing anymore of their survey till i get paid and may just quit if every time its time to get paid theres a issue or problem, give me a break this is done on purpose. it takes months to make a measly 30 dollars and you have to fight for it. ??????


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I just looked up the reviews for dailyrewards, and all of the reviews except one are from people in Canada, but the company is located in California?  It sounds like there are not a lot of decent reviews for the company, and there are no recent ones.  I am not sure if you can go to the BBB for this or not.  Sometimes it is not worth spending lots of time trying to collect $30.

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