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Erewards asked me if ............

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These guys are owned by Dynata, any information you provide is shared across their other sites.


Likely it will be reduced to a panelist ID and shared with competitors that have the same client.

The client does not want us panelists getting paid to answer the same survey during a multi-vendor campaign, with a different company and this is tracked as a panelist ID.

LifePoints, once slipped up and mentioned this practice in a support ticket where I was harping on so many of Life Points surveys self-aborting.

Dynata will use this to screw you.

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I sure as hell would never do this. If the survey site insisted, I would simply dump them. No way am I giving them this information so they can steal my identity and clean out my bank accounts. Having had identity theft happen to me twice, I’m very careful.

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5 hours ago, Sandy21 said:

I have been seeing this with other survey sites, asking to submit personal identification. Does anyone REALLY do this? 

No Way

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