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Is anyone else having problems with Cint based surveys this week? I use YourSurveys and up until now I would get sent to surveys that are hosted by Cint on a fairly regular basis (about 60% of the time that I would try to take a survey with YourSurveys), yet beginning last Monday I noticed a significant decrease in the amount of times that I would be sent to Cint; at first on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the Cint site would go offline for about 15 minutes and was only a moderate inconvenience, but by the end of last week I was only being sent to Cint maybe once or twice per day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday out of about 50 survey taking attempts that I made each day.

Since most of my earnings came from Cint surveys this means that I've earned a lot less this week since it's been so incredibly difficult to get any qualifying surveys given that I keep being sent to sites like SampleCube, OneOpinion, and PureSpectrum (a site that I literally never qualify to take surveys on for whatever reason despite trying regularly for almost 2 years). I've already contacted YourSurvey's staff, but it takes them days to reply to support requests, and they usually do so condescendingly and are rarerly ever helpful.

I'm just wondering if other people have experienced this same issue.

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