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YouGov Struggles

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Has anyone else had trouble logging on with you gov Safe to earn your points connected to shopping and entertainment services you subscribe to and use.  Tried 5 times yesterday and twice today but no code is ever sent.  I messaged my frustration to them and no reply to that either.  Have they been bought out by one of the sleezy companies?  I'm about ready to tell them that I quit, I'll take the damn software off my devices and they can find some other clickbait and pass me on by.

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I never got an invite for that one.  I just got an email tonight for a yougov survey that paid 3,000 points, but it was actually a JD Powers survey, but I was not eligible for it.  They were looking for people that have traveled in the last 30 days, and so I was not eligible.  I then got a yougov survey that I completed that paid me a whole 250 points, and I did not get the bonus survey worth 100 points I usually get.  I need 4,400 points to cash out.

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Although I get many invites & am eligible for every one, for the first time (since 2013), I can't seem to redeem my points--meaning: I am being completely ignored. I was eligible for my most recent redeem on April 5, but; as of yet, have not received my reward. I have sent SEVEN emails which have also been ignored. Wonder what gives? They've always been one of my most reliable survey panels. I'm wondering if anybody's home?

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