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Cannot redeem rewards on Lifepoints


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Have been trying redeem my points for an amazon gift card for over a month.  Have contacted support numerous times.  All they say is wait x numbers of days or be patient.  Anyone else having this issue.  They claim others are.

I am thinking that they are intentionally with holding payment because they are in some sort of financial crisis.  I am not taking any more of their surveys until I get my $10. 

Sophia (LifePoints) 

Aug 3, 2021, 10:20 GMT+1 


We apologize once again for the issue you are experiencing when trying to redeem. 
Unfortunately, the fix to the issue you are experiencing is taking much longer than initially expected. 
However, please understand that we have made getting this resolved our priority and will continue working on fixing this issue as quickly as possible. 

Please bare with us during this time. We appreciate your patience.

Also, we're great fans of your opinion, and we really appreciate your feedback. We will send your comments to the appropriate department so our colleagues can take a closer look at your suggestions.

Contributions like yours help us serve our members better and improve LifePoints. Thank you!

The LifePoints Team”

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On 8/24/2021 at 7:55 PM, NevadaJones said:

Not Amazon, but I did just cash out at LifePoints by PayPal successfully. Took the usual few days.

I don't use paypal so no help

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So I have been able to successfully redeem 3 times since my original post.  Lifepoints definitely has an issue when redeeming Amazon cards.  If I try to redeem a $5 Amazon card for 550 points and have 900 points it will not redeem. If I have over 1100 points I can redeem 550 but not 1100.  It appears to me that this is strongly related to the cause of the problem.  This has been the case for each of my 3 successful redemptions.  On at least two of these occasions after redeeming 550 points the screen says I have apprx 65 points remaining when I should have at least 550.  Upon returning to the hime screen the correct points reappear.

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