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Clear Voice has a new happy and healthy commuhity


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Hi- I just got an email from Clear Voice, and they have a new community I believe called happy and healthy.  There is six parts to the project, and if you complete all six parts, you get $50.  I think the project is going to last three weeks starting on 9/8.  I was not eligible for the study.  All they asked me was my age and if I was employed by, and they gave a long list of jobs.  I used to be employed by the health industry, but I am retired now.  I was not deemed eligible.

I just did a $5 survey with them a few days ago, and I was able to cash out for a $45 Amazon GC, which I got in 10 minutes.  I am also involved with a Medicare panel through them that is going to last a year.  I get at least one project from them per month that pays a minimum of $5 Amazon, and I did a zoom interview with them a few months ago that paid $30 Amazon.  I get my GCs right away when I do one of the Medicare ones..

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