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Purchase your Christmas presents early this year


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They had an article in the Washington Post last week about how Christmas gifts are going to be hard to come by this year because of COVID.  A lot of stuff is shipped from Asia, and there is a shortage of dock workers over there currently, and there is a shortage of shipping containers and boats.  There is also a shortage of paper, and so books are going to be in short supply.  Many popular toys, tvs and computers are going to be in short supply  because the plants there are not at full capacity.  Clothing from Asia is going to be in short supply too.  Some companies that are normally transporting their stuff by ship, are being forced to transport some of their stuff by plane, which costs 10 times as much money.  I heard that they are even transporting tires by plane.  Amazon has a shortage of drivers too, and they are willing to hire drivers that are users of pot.  I think a lot of people are going to be giving gift cards this year instead.

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